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We've seen many customers fooled and not get the tanning results they were expecting so hopefully this can help educate you.  

It has been brought to our attention that websites are advertising Wolff Tanning Beds and they are not True Wolff Tanning Beds.   Please be aware that any tanning bed with multi-colored lamps cannot be a True Wolff Tanning Bed.  

 Below is a statement from Wolff defining what a Wolff System is.

True "Wolff System" tanning units are produced only by a licensed manufacturer, and are equipped with Wolff brand lamps as original equipment.  Each individual element of this combination (bed, lamp, reflector system and acrylic shield) was intentionally designed to function as an integral part of a system to deliver the highest performance and maximum user benefit.  Only suppliers who follow these guidelines may utilize the well-recognized Wolff System trademarked logo.

On a more technical note, substitute lamps may be non-compliant, and the could expose a salon to unnecessary risk - both regulatory and liability.

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