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High Pressure Tanning Beds

High pressure tanning is the latest tanning technology in commercial tanning beds. Rather than using phosphor coated tube lamps, high pressure tanning beds use small high energy ultraviolet light quartz lamps mounted behind expensive filter glass that allows only a very specific wavelength of Ultraviolet light to pass through to the tanner. High pressure tanning beds produce almost 100% Ultraviolet A which is the primary tanning light ray. This light does not pose the same burning potential as the B light rays but penetrates deeper into the skin to tan the melanin. High pressure tanning bed results in a much faster, darker, and longer lasting tan and far fewer sessions are needed to maintain the tan.

Commercial tanning beds provide excellent tanning for your salon clients who are busy and on the go, or who want to add a healthy glow to his or her natural look. Professional tanning beds are manufactured by Wolff tanning beds, Sunvision tanning beds and Sunquest tanning beds.

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