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Sunless Expressions, North Carolina

Wolff Tanning Beds

In the early 1970´s, a German scientist named Friedrich Wolff decided to use UV lights for tanning indoors to study athletes and how they might benefit from more exposure to sunlight. During his tests, he noticed an interesting side effect on the athletes - the golden glow of a healthy tan. Given the poplularity of tanning as a fashion statement in the 70s', Wolff used his scientific knowledge to create the first indoor tanning beds - and a the indoor tanning industry was born. Today Wolff Tanning Beds are considered the elite in indoor commercial and home tanning!

Wolff home tanning beds and commercial tanning beds provide the warmth of the summer sun all year long. Browse Master Tanning's Wolff commercial tanning beds and home tanning beds for sale to choose the right model for your tanning needs.

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