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Sunless Expressions, North Carolina

Rumors 11 oz
Rumors 11 oz

Eighth Dimension Bronzing Lotion - WHATEVER! - Your color is fuchsia! What others think doesn’t affect you. You tend to concentrate on more meaningful things – whether they are friends, career, or relationships. But the only thing you truly take seriously is always having a fabulous, deep, dark tan. Colorology®: Wearing fuchsia over your dark tan shows you are: naturally beautiful, independent, easy-going, cool under pressure Dark Tanning Ingredients: Eighth Dimension Bronzers Eight powerful bronzers to promote maximum, long-lasting color, and immediate color that lasts up to 8 days. CellDark™ Blend with Biotanning® Extra darkening power of proprietary bronzing blend. Lipocare® Blend Contouring, wrinkle-fighting ingredients to beautify the “body behind the tan.” Tanfresh™ Blend For a fresh, invigorating after-tan fragrance. Also available in 0.5 oz sample packette.

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