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I really am so happy with my tanning bed. I will be ordering tanning lotions very soon, and I really appreciate your company, products, and the people who have dealt with me so far.

Linda, California

Body Kisses 22 oz
Body Kisses 22 oz

Tan Prolonging Daily Moisturizer Plus Triple- Action Anti-aging and Slimming Blend with firming body-contouring for Kissably Soft Skin. Tickle-Me-Pink. Your color of love is pink! Your firmly toned, contoured dark skin is baby-soft. You love to walk in the rain and have dinner by candlelight. You are kissable from the nape of your neck to the bottom of your feet. Prolonging the life of your tan is a daily pleasure! Colorology™: Wearing pink over dark tan shows you are Gentle, tender, voluptuous, wise! Whispered secrets and body kisses await your moisturized soft-dark skin. Tan Prolonging Moisturizing Ingredients: Amplified Moisture Blend: Natural humectants condition skin for 24-hour continuous, all day moisturization. Vitamin-enriched plus Herbal DNA: Skin-protecting essential nutrients for longer-lasting darker color. Hemp Seed Extract: A moisture intense extract that also is a remarkable natural delivery system of other vital ingredients. Anti-Aging and Slimming Blend with Lipocare™: Body contouring and anti-cellulite formula, for a visibly slimming, firm, youthful shape. For best results, apply lavishly and use daily plus after every shower, bath, and tanning session. Triple Action Anti-aging and Slimming Formula. “Love and do what you will!” St. Augustine Colorology™ for the dark color you love! Also available in 2 oz.

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