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Most Deny Packette
Most Deny Packette

U.V. light is an essential part of life. It has been proven to be the best source of Vitamin D, an important component to continued good health. It has also been proven that without some sunlight every day people are more likely to be affected with Seasonal Affected Disorder. With these two facts in mind, it can be simply stated that U.V. light helps us stay healthy and improves our self-image. As with many things, though, there are downsides to U.V. exposure. Excessive exposure can lead to premature aging and wrinkling, and, in some cases, sunburn and an increased risk of skin cancer. Now there is a revolutionary new product that will allow you to increase U.V. exposure while reducing the undesirable side effects. DENY - Deny Natural Aging is this product. DENY allows you to experience a deeper, darker tan quicker than ever before, while defying natural aging. To provide the utmost in tanning benefits, we have combined natural bronzers to provide immediate results with hot action ingredients to stimulate microcirculation. Our bronzing ingredients work without the staining, streaking or orange color associated with many other bronzing lotions. DNA Restorative Enzymes, the next wave in anti-aging technology, actually renew the skin's appearance from the inside out. These enzymes stimulate the skin's natural recovery process, while activating the skin's natural defense mechanisms - a deep, dark tan. This technology is based on the action of biological DNA repair enzymes that are designed to protect cells from death by directly attaching to the DNA molecule and repairing a specific form of damage. The enzyme is extracted from a certain type of bacterium and algae that thrive in very U.V. intense environments. DNA Restorative Enzymes are extracted from these sources. They are then encapsulated into Liposomes to ensure that the extract is delivered evenly to the skin, providing you with the ultimate in tanning capabilities, skin conditioning and age defying properties. Clinical studies have shown that the enzymes repair damage to DNA prevent sunburn prevent damage to the repair mechanisms of the skin prevent formation of carcinogenic precursors and increase the tanning response. This tanning lotion is formulated for both indoor and outdoor use.

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