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Having been burned by internet orders before, I was a bit reluctant to order from Master Tanning Inc. It turns out that my fears were completely unfounded. Our tanning canopy arrived 3 days after we placed the order (1 day earlier than promised). The unit was completely intact, well packaged, and undamaged. I truly appreciate the level of high quality customer service, that I have seen to date from Master Tanning Inc. We will certainly continue to purchase products from Master Tanning Inc, and will recommend your store to all of our friends!

Chris , Florida

Free Spirit 13.5 oz
Free Spirit 13.5 oz

Sensational Dark Dual Bronzing Lotion Anti-aging and Slimming Formula with firming body-contouring. Technicolor Temptress. Your color of love is the rainbow! You are a butterfly, a wave on the sand, a warm summer’s breeze. Flirting is a pastime, breaking hearts a hobby. Your free spirit hates to wait for anything. You want young-toned skin and dark-rich tan color NOW– no excuses! Colorology™: Wearing multi-colors over dark tan shows you are – Fickle, lovable, naughty, and elusive! Your dancing eyes and dark sensuous skin will steal hearts and stir souls! Dark Tanning Ingredients: Dual Bronzers Instant dark-deepening blend lasts up to 7 days. Color-booster Age defy-er, harvested from heart of the ocean. Vitamin-enriched with CoQ10: Skin-protecting essential nutrients for longer-lasting dark color. Tanfresh™ Helps eliminate after-tan odor. Anti-Aging and Slimming Blend with Lipocare™: Body contouring and anti-aging formula, for a visibly slimming, firm, youthful shape. Anti-aging and Slimming Formula for Darker Color. “Love makes the wildest spirit tame, and the tamest spirit wild.” Alexis Delp Colorology™ for the dark color you love! Also available in 0.5 oz sample packettes.

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