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Valley Tan , North Carolina

Heart's Desire 13.5 oz
Heart's Desire 13.5 oz

Dazzling Dark Dual Bronzer with Hot Tingle, Anti-aging and Slimming Formula with firming body contouring. Lady in Red: Your color of love is red! You are wanted by many, but only have eyes for your true heart’s desire. Your intense energy demands the darkest color fast! Colorology™: Wearing red over dark tan shows you are – Passionate, exciting, hot and sensuous! Captivate your truelove’s heart with silky-smooth dark skin! Dark Tanning Ingredients: Dual Bronzers: Instant dark-deepening blend, lasts up to 7 days. Hot Tingle: Color amplifier, feel and see immediate reddening effects. (T-15) Color-booster: 24-hour continuous moisture power for rich dark tanning. Vitamin-enriched with CoQ10: Skin-protecting essential nutrients for longer-lasting dark color. Anti-Aging and Slimming Blend with Lipocare™ Body contouring and anti-cellulite formula, for a visibly slimming, firm, youthful shape. Anti-aging and Slimming Formula for Darker Color. “Love is the intense desire to be desired intensely.” Robert Fros.t Colorology™ for the dark color you love! Also available in 0.5 oz sample packettes.

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