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Wolff Tanning Beds

Read articles on tanning on sun tan beds and tanning beds lamps. Some good tanning tips include that a gentle body brush or alternatively a good quality body scrub will take care of this. The malpighian layer creates the dead cells that we can see. The sun is an important object to study, but because it is so luminous it is extremely dangerous to look at the sun without proper protection. Vitamin A: an ingredient used for its regenerating properties. It is also possible that we need some minimum amount of sunlight to maintain good health and a positive mental state. Buy tanning beds online from Master Tanning today! With so much conflicting information in the media, you may be wondering if sunless tanning is safe. As the first and largest company to manufacture indoor tanning equipment, Wolff is leading the drive to promote responsible tanning at both the consumer and industry levels. Rest assured that all Wolff products meet the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) safety standards for indoor tanning devices. But whether you’re a consumer looking for that golden glow or a health club owner who offers a full line of indoor tanning services to your members, it’s up to you to understand and practice the basics of indoor tanning safety. No. 1, know your skin type. There are five skin types ranging from albino (Skin Type I) to very dark (Skin Type V). Your skin type will determine the duration and frequency of your tanning sessions. No. 2, ease into tanning. It can take anywhere from twelve to twenty-four hours for a burn to appear. For this reason, the FDA recommends waiting forty-eight hours between tanning sessions. No. 3, protect your eyes. Ultraviolet (UV) light can damage your eyes over time, so it is very important to wear FDA-compliant protective eyewear every time you tan for the entire tanning session.

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