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Commercial Tanning Beds

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Commercial Tanning Bed

Commercial Tanning Beds starting under $3000 

Commercial tanning beds come in different varieties. Some allow you stand, and some let you lie down. There are some that only tan half of your body, where the client has to turn over half way through the session. Other commercial tanning beds allow for total comfort as a client can relax completely on a bed and get a complete even tan in as few minutes as possible. The basis for purchasing a commercial tanning bed should be what the salon owner may reasonably afford that still looks great and gives the best tan. The best tan for every client may actually vary with tanning beds. A stand up tanning bed may be more comfortable for one person while others my prefer those that lay flat. Having both in your tanning salon may be better than choosing one over the other. After all, a tanning salon is all about the commercial tanning bed. Everything else is just an accessory.

Wolff Tanning Beds

One of the top commercial tanning beds sold in the United States and other countries is the Wolff tanning beds. Why are these considered the best? It may be that Wolff really is the original tanning bed producer. It was a scientist named Wolff who theorized and studied the effects of sunrays and indoor artificial sunlight used on the body. He discovered that the body gets the same benefits of being out in the sun while sitting under tanning lamps. Thanks to his studies, anyone could get a nice, glowing tan without stepping outside. Since Wolff tanning beds were the first, they are often considered the best. The Wolff tanning bed company has been around since the 1970ís. The brand name is very popular and they are often asked about with commercial tanning bed retailers.

Cooling Systems in New Commercial Tanning Beds

Why are cooling systems in commercial tanning beds so important? Commercial tanning beds are sought out by tanning salon owners to keep clients impressed by getting a tan in a comfortable environment. If one tanning salon has more comfortable beds than another salon, the client may go to the tanning salon that has the more comfortable commercial tanning beds. Comfort in a tanning bed is very important. One of the best ways to insure your clients are comfortable may be the cooling system located inside some select commercial tanning beds. This feature allows the client to remain cool and comfortable while still getting a nice even tan. Something as small as getting too warm while under the UV rays in a commercial tanning bed may make a difference to a client. The cooling system in a tanning bed is often a standard these days. Ask about it when selecting a tanning bed.

The Cost of Commercial Tanning Beds

With a variety of commercial tanning beds, there are various degrees of cost for tanning beds. Moderate priced tanning beds cost around $2000 while some of the most stylish tanning beds cost over $10,000. If you are going to start a new tanning salon, you will need to take into consideration the cost of each of the tanning beds you purchase. Thankfully, you donít have to purchase each tanning bed right away. The cost of starting a tanning bed salon doesnít have to be terribly expensive at all. Commercial tanning bed retailers will be able to sell to you tanning beds and most companies will finance the cost of the tanning bed to you. You can pay off the tanning beds in installments, making it easier for you to make a profit.

Energy Costs and Commercial Tanning Beds

Commercial tanning beds cost money to operate and most of the cost will be in the energy used. To alleviate some of the costs, follow these tips:

- Unplug tanning beds at the end of the day. Tanning beds may still use up energy for a number of reasons, even while turned off. Unplugging the beds prevent them from using up additional electricity.

- Never run a tanning bed unless someone is inside of it.

- Accessories like radios or CD players take up additional energy. Try using one core radio throughout the tanning salon instead of individual players in each booth.

- Turn off all lights within the tanning bed booth room when not in use. Remind attendants to follow the client back into the booth rooms to turn on the light.

Low on Space for Commercial Tanning Beds?

The problem with most commercial tanning beds for a new tanning salon is the lack of space. The dimensions of a new tanning salon can be limited. You need to consider not only the space for the tanning bed but the comfort of the client to have enough personal space and to move about, get dressed and stay organized. Thanks to the new designs in commercial tanning beds, you donít have to sacrifice room for your tanning beds. Some of the best tanning beds are the Sundome 548V and the SolarForce 652V. These commercial tanning beds look stylish and stand upright. This requires less room and most clients are impressed by the quality of the tan and the look of the tanning beds. The only discomfort is that a client will have to stand for 10 minutes, but with certain additional features in a room, like a radio, this is relatively easy to relieve.

Commercial Tanning Bed Retailers

Like in any other business, you want to do business with a commercial tanning retailer with a strong reputation behind it. In general, tanning beds that are sold for commercial purposes need constant customers support. Whether you need replacement bulbs or if you simply have a question, you need the customer support to be there for you. A commercial tanning bed retailer can be checked out by asking previous clients about their experience. You can also check with the Better Business Bureaus for information.

Commercial Tanning Bed Financing

Whether you are opening a salon or you want to impress your friends with a quality commercial tanning bed, you need to consider how much one is going to cost. Like any other sort of financing, your commercial tanning bed retail should work with you to get the best tanning bed for a low monthly fee. It should be clear what sort of interest rate is going to be included.

Commercial Stand Up Tanning Bed

Commercial tanning beds come in two styles, the stand up style or the ones that let the client relax on a bench. While lying down in a tanning bed may seem more convenient, don't pass off the stand up beds. The stand up commercial tanning beds are great for tanning salons with little room. It is also recommended to pregnant women to choose a stand up tanning bed over the other. Upright standing tanning beds save space and interest particular clients. It is recommended you keep both styles of tanning beds in your tanning salon.

Sunless Tanning Booth

There are many varieties of "sunless tanning booths." There are spray sunless tanning booths, which color the skin with spray on color. Tanning booths also use UV rays. Just be aware that a sunless tanning booth, by the term, may mean different things to different people. If you go to a tanning salon that offers sunless tanning booths, you will need to ask the attendant about which process the booth uses. Be clear of which one you are entering. They often look alike.

What To Look For In Commercial Tanning Beds

When you are in the market for a commercial tanning bed, there are many things to look for as you shop. Not all commercial tanning beds are created equal. In actuality, commercial tanning beds can be as different as night and day.

The first thing you should do, however, is to set a budget. Commercial tanning bed prices vary greatly and there is no use to look at models that cost more than you are willing to spend. Once you set a budget, you can then start narrowing your search.

Other specifications to take into account are the size of the tanning bed, the specs of the lamp and the electrical requirements. If you find multiple beds that fit your needs, your tie breaker should be either lowest price or best warranty. Before you place your order, make sure the room you are putting it in corresponds with the recommended room size.

At Master Tanning, you can compare prices of various models of commercial tanning beds. By seeing the different specifications side by side, you'll be able to make the wisest shopping decision.

The Different Types of Tanning Beds for Business

If you are looking for a business tanning bed, be prepared to look through a lot of different options. Commercial tanning bed models vary greatly and each offers something a bit different.

For example, there are stand up tanning beds that offer a unique experience. As the name suggests, a person stands in the tanning bed instead of lying down. If you have a limited amount of space, this might be the best option for you. However take into consider that some clients like to relax while tanning, so they prefer tanning beds that allow you to lie down.

On the other hand, if you have a lot of space to work with, consider the Velocity 1000HP tanning bed. This eye-catching and powerful tanning bed perfect for drawing customers to your business.

If you want a more traditional tanning bed, the Sunvision tanning beds are a great line to consider. With four different types (Pro 24, Pro 28, Elite 30 and Elite 32), you are sure to find one that fits with the needs of your business.

Buying a Used Commercial Tanning Bed

Commercial tanning beds and commercial tanning booths can be quite expensive, especially for a new business trying to get off the ground. While you are able to finance these tanning beds, a better alternative for some salon owners might be used commercial tanning beds.

A used commercial tanning bed offers virtually everything a new commercial tanning bed offers, however the used one costs less money. Depending on your business model, it might make more sense to buy used tanning beds.

While there are some drawbacks to used commercial tanning beds, such as the possibility of a weaker or no warranty, the lower price alone could make up for those drawbacks. Just keep in mind that you won't know the history of a used tanning bed and most used tanning beds are purchased "as is."

Shopping for a used commercial tanning bed also isnít for anyone who wants a wide array of options. You usually canít get the latest models. Instead, your options are limited to whatever is in stock.

Setting Up Commercial Tanning Beds

If you are starting a tanning salon business, one of the main questions you have to answer is where to set up the tanning beds. Commercial tanning beds placement could mean the difference between happy and dissatisfied customers.

The best option is to place each booth in an enclosed room of ample size. You obviously donít want to put commercial tanning booths out in the open. When in doubt, make sure the rooms are too big rather than too small. Rooms that are too small could drive away customers.

If you have a smallish room, consider an alternative such as a stand up tanning bed. Stand up tanning beds can be placed in smaller rooms and are a good alternative for customers who would rather stay upright.

The more options you give your customers, the better. If you have different models of tanning beds in different sized rooms, a customer is bound to find a setup they are comfortable with.

Buying Commercial Tanning Beds Online

If you have decided to purchase commercial tanning beds online, you should ask the retailer the following questions before completing your purchase:

  • Are you an "online only" store?
  • What's your physical address?
  • How long have you been in business?
  • Do you offer tanning bed financing?
  • Is there a money back guarantee?
  • What are the warranty limits?
  • Do you offer a discount if I order several tanning beds?
  • Can you provide customer references?
  • Can I cancel my order if I change my mind?
  • By what method will my bed be shipped?
  • How do I go about returning an item?
  • Do you also sell lamps, lotions and other accessories?
  • How much do the replacement bulbs cost?
  • Do you offer assembly/installation help over the phone?

Choosing Commercial Tanning Beds

When choosing commercial tanning beds for your new business, you need to explore all your options to find the best business tanning beds for you. The first thing that you should figure out is whether you need new or used beds.

The advantage of new tanning beds are that they are covered by a warranty and the equipment is new - so it's less apt to need repairs or replacement parts. However, the distinct disadvantage is that new tanning beds are oftentimes much more expensive than used beds.

Talk to other tanning salon owners in your area and get recommendations for makes and models of tanning beds. Reputable brands of tanning beds include Velocity tanning beds, Sun Scape tanning beds and Sunvision tanning beds, among others.

The model of tanning bed you need will depend on the specifications you are looking for. Tanning beds vary in size, maximum exposure time, lamp style and power, timers and many other factors.

At Master Tanning, you can select several options from the commercial tanning bed section and then view a side-by-side comparison to make your choice.

Why are Wolff Tanning Beds Considered the Best?

Wolff tanning beds include a product line of tanning beds, tanning booths, tanning bed bulbs, lamps and tanning lotions. Wolff tanning beds are sold under different brand names, including SunQuest, SunDome, SunVision, StarPower, SunStar and Solaris.

Wolff is considered the original tanning bed producer. A scientist named Wolff studied the effects of sunlight and artificial sunlight on the body. He was the first to realize that the body is effected the same by sitting under a sunlamp as it is sitting in the sunlight.

Through these discoveries, tanning beds were eventually produced. Wolff tanning beds have a longstanding reputation of being some of the best in the business, as the company has existed since the 1970s.

Finding the Best Commercial Tanning Beds

To decide what type of tanning bed to buy, visit other tanning salons and see what type of tanning beds they use. Pay for the services and see if you like the beds. Try a few salons in the area to determine which tanning beds you prefer. Once you have found a salon which uses tanning beds that you like, speak to the manager or owner about the specifics about their tanning beds.

Be honest and let them know you are opening your own salon and looking for recommendations for commercial tanning beds. Most salons will be more than happy to share their information with you. The most important information you can get from these fact finding trips is to determine which type of business tanning beds that you DON'T want.

Once you have an idea what brands and models you are considering, you should read reviews of the tanning beds in consumer report magazines and websites.

Be sure to compare prices and specifications of several tanning beds before making your final purchase. If necessary, have the retailer send you a tanning bed catalog to get a better idea about which tanning beds are available.

If you have made the decision to purchase your commercial tanning beds online, don't forget to factor in the shipping cost when comparing prices to a local retailer. As with all major business purchases, get a clear understanding of the guarantee and warranties before completing the purchase.

Finding Commercial Tanning Equipment and Supplies

Having the right supplies for your tanning salon is essential. Many places exist where you can buy tanning bed supplies. When you purchase your commercial tanning beds, the retailer or manufacturer will normally give you some basic supplies for free. They want you to try out their products so that when you need to order more, you will order from them.

You can oftentimes get a good discount from the place where you bought the beds. However, you should also shop around to make sure that you get the best price available on commercial tanning equipment and supplies.

Whether you are looking for tanning bed bulbs, tanning bed cleaners, tanning goggles, tanning lotions or other supplies, compare prices between several local and online retailers. You can usually get a good price if you buy tanning bed supplies in bulk, however be careful when doing this.

First you should make sure that you actually like the products before purchasing in bulk. Secondly, you should be sure that you actually have the need for such a large quantity of the products. Sometimes it's better to buy a fewer number of supplies rather than buying in bulk, but just look for coupons, promotions and sale items.

If you choose to make your commercial tanning equipment and supply purchases online, also be sure to take the cost of shipping into account when comparing prices.

Why Your Business Needs a High Pressure Tanning Bed

With so many people around the world relying on tanning beds for part of their routine, tanning based businesses are booming. If you are in tanning industry, you need to provide your customers with the option to use high pressure tanning beds.

A high pressure tanning bed is similar to other types of standard business tanning beds, except itís geared to a more experienced customer. If someone has been tanning for a while, itís common to end up switching to high pressure tanning beds.

There are two main differences in these types of tanning beds. First of all, high pressure tanning beds typically filter out more of the ultraviolet rays, making it a safer option. Additionally, high pressure tanning beds are simply more powerful. By switching to a high pressure tanning bed, it cuts the tanning time in half but also produces longer lasting results. This is perfect for the experienced customer who is often on the run and is willing to pay more for a superior tanning bed.

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