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Home Tanning Beds

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Home Tanning Beds

 Finance your own home tanning bed for as low as $29 per month!

If you want the look of a constant tan, but find that traveling to the salon is an inconvenience, you might want to consider a home tanning bed. Imagine being able to slip into a tanning bed for five minutes right at home. Most homeowners can fit the tanning bed comfortably into the home and get a great tan. There are several things to think about before getting a home tanning bed. This could be the required time and effort it would take to maintain the bed as well as expense and available space. Tanning beds require you to replace bulbs, clean the bed and the initial costs, as well as the responsibility of getting a tan safely. But, you won't have an attendant there to warn you how long you have been in the tanning bed or to go over your skin type with you. So be sure to go over the home tanning bed manual provided by the tanning bed retailer.

Home Tanning Beds For Sale

If you have been searching for home tanning beds on sale, try asking a reputable retail shop for special sales. In most cases you should be able to strike a deal on select home tanning beds. Keep an eye out for notices about special promotions. Some of the best ways to strike up a great deal on a home tanning bed is to ask the retailer about it. A retailer will be prepared to make special offers and might negotiate prices with you. Many retailers also provide financing for most of the tanning beds they sell. This makes it easy to afford a home tanning bed. Remember, tanning beds come in all shapes and sizes and some of the best ones are available for a very low price depending on type of year, how old the model is and if new models are coming out soon.

Why Buy A Home Tanning Bed?

Why is it so much better to have your own home tanning bed? You no longer need to head to the tanning salon! Save on gas and fees for getting into the salon. While tanning outdoors can be free, five minutes a home tanning bed is like spending two hours out in the sun. Between pollutants, the atmosphere and other things that redirect the UV rays away from you, outdoor tanning is unpredictable. You can get a great tan in lesser amount of time with fewer risks if you use a tanning bed.

Fitting a Home Tanning Bed in Your Home

Whether you have a small apartment or a large family home, space is always a concern. Finding just the right spot for a home tanning bed may be difficult for some people. Thanks to new styles in home tanning beds, now anyone can fit a tanning bed into their home. If you have a lot of room or an extra room in your house, you may be able to put in a full tanning bed, similar to the ones you see in the tanning salons. If you are low on space, you have the option to buy tanning canopies. Tanning canopies are foldable and can be stored in a closet to be brought out when you want to tan. There are also tanning lamps available for very small spaces. Clear out a space where you would put your tanning bed and then measure the area. You can give the measurements to the tanning bed retailer and you may be surprised at the models you can purchase that will fit in the space. Some people have opted to try the stand up tanning beds. These take up just a corner of your home and look stylish without being in the way.

Nude Tanning

If you'd rather tan in the nude, having a home tanning bed can be a convenience for you, and the other people in the salon! Owning your own tanning bed at home may make it more comfortable for you to tan in the nude. Remember that tanning new skin needs to be done slowly. Even if you have tanned regularly before, you need to go back and tan newly exposed skin using the lowest amount of time recommended. This slow process will help prevent sunburns, especially on sensitive skin. Also, if others use the same tanning bed, remember to wipe down the bed with the appropriate cleaners after you have finished and the tanning bed has cooled.

Using a Home Tanning Bed

A home tanning bed is not much different than the tanning beds you see in the tanning salons. You will still have to figure out your skin type, the appropriate time needed to tan and to be responsible for your own safety. Here are a few reminder tips to making the most out of your home tanning bed: · Read your manual, which will explain skin types and appropriate tanning times. · Make sure the tanning bed bulbs are replaced regularly. Keep a chart to help you figure out many hours your tanning bed bulbs have been used. · Set two timers, just incase one fails. · Remember to follow up with some indoor tanning lotion or use pre-tanning indoor tanning lotion before you tan. Your tanning bed retailer may have suggestions about great indoor tanning lotion. · Unplug the tanning bed when not in use.

Home Tanning Bed Supply

Your home tanning bed will need additional supplies, possibly replacement parts and more. Be sure your tanning bed retailer has been around for a while so you can count on them to be there for replacement parts and supplies. · Some of the items you may need for your home tanning bed may include: Tanning bed bulbs · Tanning bed manuals · Indoor tanning lotions · Electrical Cords Timers · Acrylics Replacement parts should be available with any home tanning bed retailer. Don’t wait until you need the products to purchase them. Try buying a couple of replacements when great sales are going on.

Wolff Home Tanning Bed

For anyone shopping for a home tanning bed, Wolff tanning beds are considered one of the top brand names. The Wolff name comes from a scientist who discovered the ability to tan indoors by using sun lamps. Thanks to Dr. Wolff’s studies, we can now enjoy safe indoor tanning. So since the 1970s, Wolff has been providing high quality tanning beds. The tanning beds are just as popular with commercial tanning beds as they are with home tanning beds. If you want a brand name in tanning beds, Wolff is the name to look for.

Home Tanning Bed and Prices

The price of having a home tanning bed may be of concern to new tanning bed owners. There is the initial cost, the price of replacement tanning bed bulbs and the cost of electricity for running the tanning bed. This doesn’t even include tanning bed maintenance that may be needed. A home tanning bed may cost as much as $10,000, though a number of nice tanning beds cost around the $2000 - $5000 range. Check out for the availability and the cost of replacement bulbs and parts as well.

Cheap Home Tanning Bed

You can get great deals on cheap home tanning beds with a reliable tanning bed retailer. The catch is to pay attention to sales and possible clearance sales for home tanning beds. In most cases you can also get additional discounts or even financing options if you talk with your tanning bed retailer. Anyone should be able to afford a cheap home tanning bed that works just as well as any commercial tanning bed. You can often get great cheap home tanning beds if ask the tanning bed retailer for items that may have been damaged in shipping and returned or used home tanning beds. Sometimes the best way to get a great deal is simply to ask. Remember to check with the Better Business Bureau to get a report on the tanning bed retailer.

Reasons to Buy a Home Tanning Bed

If you are considering buying a home tanning bed, there are many reasons that you should choose to do so.

You will save time.
A main reason to buy your own home tanning bed is that you will save time. If you have the tanning bed in your home, you can tan at your convenience and do not have to take the time to drive to the salon. The best tan is built by tanning regularly and by having a tanning bed in your own home, you can easily build the perfect tan for you.

You will save money.
Though the initial cost of a tanning bed may seem like a lot at first, owning your own home tanning bed costs less than going to the salon. Home tanning beds last for decades and outside the inital cost, the cost for using a tanning bed is very little - only a few cents per session for the electricity, plus the cost of lamps, which need to be changed every three to five years.

It can be more sanitary.
Most commercial salons are clean. However by owning your own home tanning bed, you will be assured that the bed is always clean and sanitary.

Cleaning Your Home Tanning Bed

After each tanning session, you should clean the top and bottom acrylic with diluted UVA cleaner or disinfectant.

Once a month, you should do a more thorough cleaning of the acrylics and clean the exterior of the bed using warm water.

One a year, you will need to remove the acrylics from the bed, clean the lamps and reflectors. At this time you should check to make sure the cooling fans are working and be sure to their vent holes.

Every three to five years, you will need to replace the home tanning lamps on your tanning bed.

Can Children Use a Home Tanning Bed?

It is not recommended that children under 16 years old use home tanning beds. Children's bodies are more sensitive to UV than adults as they are still growing.

If you decide to let your children tan, be sure not to allow them to use the tanning bed without supervision. It is probably a good idea to consult with your family doctor before allowing your child to tan indoors or outdoors.

Changing Tanning Lamps

Most tanning bed lamps are rated for 1,000 hours. Though they wil last longer than that, home tanning lamps will quit producing significant amounts of UV rays after 1,000 hours. Therefore, you could still use them, but you won't get tanned easily.

At about the 500-hour mark, the efficiencey of an average tanning bed lamp is 50 percent of a new lamp. For this reason, it is recommended that you replace your lamps in your residential tanning bed at about 500 hours or so.

500 hours is equivalent to 1,500 20-minute tanning sessions. If you used the tanning bed on average of once a day - that would would be over four years. Obviously most people don't use the tanning bed every day of the year. Plus you most account for the fact that multiple people may use your tanning bed. Therefore, on average, you will need to change the lamps every three to five years.

Choose a Home Tanning Bed

Though there are many brands of home tanning beds available, some of the top brands, include Sunquest tanning beds and Sunvision tanning beds.

At Master Tanning, you can select from several models of tanning beds. On the website, you can view detailed specifications on each model and use the convenient "Compare Beds" feature to compare models side by side to determine which home tanning bed is best for you.

Some differences between tanning beds include size, maximum exposure time, timer type, cooling system and warranty.

Tanning in the Nude

The ability to tan in the nude is a great reason to purchase a home tanning bed. Tanning in the nude in a salon can be inconvenient and uncomfortable.

If you choose to tan complete nude, keep in mind that skin areas that have never been tanned before needs to be tanned very slowly. Therefore, you should begin your nude tanning sessions only five minutes at a time.

By tanning slowly, you will prevent sunburn on sensitive skin. Over a period of time, you can begin to tan at longer intervals as your skin becomes accustomed to the tanning process.

If you share your home tanning bed with other family members or friends, make sure to wide down the bed with cleaner after tanning in the nude.

Cost of a Residential Tanning Bed

The costs of a residential tanning bed include the initial cost of the unit, cost of the tanning bed bulbs and cleaning supplies, and cost of electricity to use the tanning bed.

Some new residential tanning beds cost in excessive of $10,000. However, you can find top brand name tanning beds, such as Sunquest tanning beds and Sunvision tanning beds between $2,000 and $6,000.

You can also opt to buy a used tanning bed. You can look for used tanning beds in the classified section of your local newspaper or by calling tanning salons to see if they are selling any of their older beds.

However, rather than buying a used tanning bed with an unknown history, it is probably best to look for new residential tanning beds on sale. Also, you should keep in mind that many tanning bed retailers offer convenient financing options.

Getting a Fast Tan

Spending five minutes in a tanning bed is equivalent to two hours of exposure in the sun. Therefore, in order to get a fast tan, it is recommended that you tan for short periods of time over a week or so to achieve a rich, glowing tan.

Do not be tempted to tan for a long period of time in one session. This will only lead to sunburn. If you get sunburned, it will actually delay the tanning process not speed it up.

Be patient and tan for five to 20 minutes per day using your home tanning bed and you will achieve your desired results very quickly.

Using a Home Tanning Bed

The key to using a home tanning bed is to use it responsibly.

  • Read your home tanning bed manual completely before tanning
  • Know your skin type and only tan for the appropriate length of time
  • Clean your tanning bed regularly as recommended in the manual
  • Use indoor tanning lotion to achieve a perfect tan
  • Keep track of how many hours you have used your tanning bed
  • Replace home tanning bulbs regularly
  • Unplug your tanning bed when it is not in use
  • Do not allow young children to use your home tanning bed
  • Do not use your tanning bed in long sessions. The recommended tanning time is five to 20 minutes

Indoor Tanning Lotion

Indoor tanning lotion should not be confused with sunless tanning lotion. Sunless tanning lotions or self-tanners are not meant for use with a home tanning bed. These type of lotions are to be used without exposure to UV rays.

Indoor tanning lotions are completely different. Some indoor tanning lotions are just moisturizing lotions to be applied after using a tanning bed. Other indoor tanning lotions are pre-tanning lotions. These lotions will help you to develop your tan without getting sunburned.

As with all products, read the label completely and ask the retailer if you have any questions about the tanning lotion you are purchasing.

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