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Sunless Tanning

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Sunless Tanning

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Sunless tanning is a commonly used word for both self tanning lotions and tanning booths. The benefits of sunless tanning are tanning without worrying about weather changes and conditions. In order to keep a healthy, glowing tan, it is better to have a regular regime with a tanning booth or use self tanning lotions as part of a sunless tanning strategy. It can be considered a safe method of tanning, as it is regulated. If done properly you will have minimized the risk of sunburns and cancer while still getting a tan.

How Sunless Tanning Works

Sunless tanning works a variety of different ways thanks to new technology. Some sunless tanning lotions activate the amino acids in your body to add color to the top layer of your skin, the epidermis layer. With this form of sunless tanning, your tan will last a couple of weeks and then it will diminish ask the top layer of skin comes off naturally. Airbrush tanning, or spray tanning works to color the top of the skin. Since the skin is not stimulated to produce its own color, this sunless tanning process is limited to a couple of days. You most likely would shower off most of the color. It often acts like a bronzer. There are variations of this. Some spray of the tanning booths put in sunless tanning lotion and not just color. Tanning booths work to stimulate the skin’s melanin naturally. It uses UV rays, much like the sun to create that glowing tan on your skin. With regular use, you will maintain your tan.

Airbrush Tanning

Airbrush tanning is also called spray tanning. This is a form of spraying on color to the top layer of skin. The formula used does not stimulate your skin to tan like tanning lotions. Tanning lotions often take a couple of hours for the tan to fully develop. Instead, airbrush tanning is like applying makeup to your skin. It applies color that can be washed away after a few times in the shower. Most tanning salons offer airbrush tanning. The most common use of airbrush tanning is for upcoming, short events. You wouldn’t be able to use this method of tanning and expect long-term results. If you are going to a party, for example, you could use airbrush tanning for a quick fix that may look better than simply applying bronzers to the face.

Sunless Tanning Lotion

Sunless tanning lotions are commonly confused with other products, like tanning pills or bronzers or even sunscreen. Sunless tanning lotions are a way to chemically induce a tan on your skin. Sunless tanning lotion products contain dihydroxyacetone -- DHA. When DHA is combined with amino acids naturally found in your body, it produces melanoidins. Melanoidins are brown in color though the effects are temporary; this color is only applied to the top most layer of the skin. The skin naturally replaces itself as skin cells fall off every day. To keep the color, you would have to re-apply the lotion as directed. The process of sunless tanning lotion should not be confused with true tanning under UV rays, which stimulates the melanin in the skin to produce color. This involves much deeper penetration of the skin and while the results are similar, you are not getting the other benefits of being exposed to UV rays, such as getting some vitamin D.

Sunless Tanning Salon

Most tanning salons have sunless tanning options. This may include spray or airbrush tanning, self tanning lotions or tanning booths. A tanning salon will have an attendant available to help you with your needs. He or she may ask you why you want a tan. This is important as a tanning booth tan will take time, but it is natural and has many benefits. Self tanning lotions last a couple of weeks and can show results in a couple of hours, but the lotions are sometimes hard to apply. Airbrush tanning can work for a temporary fix. A tanning salon attendant will be able to explain the difference between each of the self tanning processes.

Self Tanning - Prevent Streaking

Self tanning lotions are very popular, but there is a problem often faced with it. Streaking occurs when lotion is not applied evenly to the skin. Reapplying may only make it worse. Always follow directions on the back of the self tanning lotion bottle to help prevent streaking. Apply the self tanning lotion by hand wearing appropriate gloves and using a circular motion. Also remember to apply enough of the product to each part of the body. The self tanning lotion should be applied as directed and it is different with each product. Many self tanning bottles contain specific steps to prevent streaking. Some bottles of self tanning lotion come in a color formula where you can actually see where you have applied enough lotion. This makes it easier to apply and may help prevent streaking.

Self Tanning - Prevent Orange

Orange hands, knees and other parts of the body are the result of self tanning lotions that have been applied incorrectly. Always follow the instructions on the back of self tanning lotions as it helps when preventing the orange color. Apply the self tanning lotion with gloves on the hands. The tanning process is started the moment the lotion touches the skin. If you are applying the lotion by hand, guess what part of the body gets a lot of lotion? Your hands will become orange because it is getting a generous amount of lotion, even if you rinse and wash your hands after. As for other parts of the body, apply self tanning lotion as directed but wipe off excess around the knees or areas most vulnerable to changing in color. Use damp tissue paper to wet the tanning lotion and wipe it away.

Tanning Pills

Depending on the tanning pill you take, you might find different ingredients. One of the most popular ones contains caretenoid pigments. Think of it as supposedly containing ‘food coloring’ for the body. It colors your fat cells, which shows through the skin. However, this is dangerous according to the Food and Drug Administration. Other tanning pills include other ‘tanning’ herbs or natural remedies, but simply don’t work. No tanning pill stimulates the production of melanin, which creates a darker looking color on your skin. In some cases, the tanning pills will make a body more sensitive to tanning rays, but this could be dangerous, as not everyone will tan. People with skin type I, rarely tan. The body does not produce melanin or protective agents that help to prevent the destruction of your DNA in your body. The tanning pills will not help your body to tan if you have any sort of skin type, but people with skin type I are most vulnerable, as the skin is already super sensitive. This may be dangerous as a person with such a skin type may be more vulnerable to sunburns.

Spray Tanning

Spray tanning is often called airbrush tanning. This is a safe, natural way to tan the skin without the use of sunless tanning lotions or using a tanning bed. The spray tanning works by using a special formula that acts like makeup on the skin. The spray tanning formula may last a couple of days. The results are usually very nice and it is safe for people of any skin type. It does not produce a ‘true’ tan but spray tanning is so far proven safe. The tan will be gone with a couple of days of showering, depending on the formula used. This type of tanning is most often used for a 'quick fix' when you want to look your best for a party or for a special event.

Best Sunless Tanning

The best sunless tanning results depend what an individual deems a great tan. The best sunless tanning that lasts only a couple of days is spray tanning. This results in an even glowing tan on the body without the risk of UV rays on sensitive skin or streaks and orange spots on the skin due to sunless tanning lotion. The best sunless tanning that lasts the longest amount of time and doesn’t wash off is often the regular use of the tanning bed. With regular and proper use, a tanning bed can be a safe effective way to get enough sunlight. You would also get some vitamin D in a natural way that is recommended by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Spray Tanning After-Care

Unlike with tanning beds, sunless spray tanning requires a certain level of aftercare for the best results. First of all, wear loose clothing so that the spray cannot rub off on the fabric before completely dry. Also, wait for about 8 to 12 hours after your tanning session before taking a shower. This should allow enough time for the full reaction to take effect.

Make sure to remember that while you have a tan, you do not have a "base" tan in the traditional sense and you still need to protect yourself from the sun. Continue to wear sunscreen to protect against UV rays!

The Ingredients

Most sunless spray tanners contain DHA as a main ingredient. DHA is a fatty acid that comes from fish oil, but doctors accidentally discovered decades ago that it also has a browning effect on skin. This product creates a tan that is not made out of dye or paint but is actually a chemical reaction between the DHA and the amino acids on the skin's surface.

This is a very safe process, and is actually healthier than UV exposure. Similar to the Maillard reaction that causes food to brown during manufacturing, the skin pigmentation is not actually altered and the reaction is temporary. Within 3- to 10 days the skin will fade to its original color unless the spray is reapplied.

Like oil and water...

Sunless tanning spray is either water- or oil-based. The one you use will largely be based on the salon you end up at, but the water-based spray is encouraged for people with sensitive skin. If you have allergies or break out easily, you should seek a water-based tanning spray as well.

Oil has many places in sunless tanners though. Experts have noted that a light coating of jojoba oil a few minutes before tanning is a great pre-tan moisturizer and can help to maintain the results a few days longer after the tan, as well.

Cost of Sunless Tanning

Sunless tanning spray costs can range from $25 a session to hundreds, depending on the salon, the product, and if you get any sort of package deal. Tanning at home will cost you as little as $10, or much more, depending on brand and product.

This is a method of beauty maintenance that can be as expensive or affordable as you choose to make it, and there are many options therein. Many salons have programs where clients can purchase package deals and make unlimited visits for one low monthly fee. This proves to be very cost-effective over time, and also helps to build a relationship between the client and the salon as they make their journey toward bronze godliness together.

Don't Be Afraid to Ask for Help!

A sunless spray tanning booth is easy to use and gets fast results.

These spray on tanning booths makes self-tanning cleaner because you can cover the parts of your body that you don't want the tanner on, such as your fingernails, for instance. And if you need help, a trained specialist is right there.

Tanning at home is a gamble. Who will check your back for you or get those hard-to-reach places you need covered up? At the salon, a staff member can guide and help you, and help make your tan be the absolute best it can be.

Sunless Spray Tanning at Home

If you don't have time to hit the salon, sunless spray tanning does come in a can as well.

You'll find there are other successful methods for sunless tanning, such as creams, powders, gels, and lotions. However, a spray-on tan is the preference of many, and can be done right at home with a self-applied tanner.

Self-tanning at home is a great option if you are pressed for time and don't want to be at the mercy of salon hours or schedules, and buying a can of spray can for one-time use will probably cost you less than a salon visit!

The Popularity of Sunless Spray Tanning

Spray tanning is increasingly one of the most popular forms of spray tanning. While indoor tanning uses tanning beds and tanning booths to create and maintain a tan, sunless tanning does the same thing without the need for exposure to ultraviolet light.

As you can see by the Laser Spray Tan Kit at MasterTanning.com, all your salon needs for spray tanning can be bought in one comprehensive sunless tan kit, at a competitive rate. People are drawn to stepping into a comfortable, roomy booth, like the Magic Tan 2000, and leaving just minutes later with their tan beginning to build.

As new versions of spray tanning embark on salons (such as airbrush tanning, which takes the spray tan and makes it even more pinpointed and exact), this trend seems ready to explode even more.

The Advantages of Sunless Spray Tanning

One advantage of sunless spray tanning is that it is very easy to apply and the results are usually very even. These products also tend to show fewer tan lines or streaks because of the method of application. This method of sunless tanning also requires a lesser amount of “hands on” application.

This advantage is furthered with the airbrush tanning technique, another method that is not as fast as spray tanning in a shower-based sunless tanning equipment, but with even more exact results. Self-tanner is applied by a technician using an airbrush machine, parts of the body at a time. It takes longer because of this pinpointed application, but it leads to beautiful, even tanning.

Sunless Spray Tanning: It's All in the Application

To ensure a smooth application of your sunless spray tan, there are some tips to keep in mind when spraying on your tan.

Ready your skin: Shave, exfoliate and moisturize your entire body before going tanning. If you’re going to a particular salon for the first time, see if they have a pamphlet or special instructions to follow to ensure you'll get your best results. Try not to shower for a few hours, or better yet, till the next day, in order to let your tan set.

Stand still. Stand still for thirty seconds or so after an application at a self-tanning booth. The booth you will be in will most likely look a lot like this the Magic Tan 3500 available at MasterTanning.com. As you can see, it looks an awful lot like a shower -- so treat it like one. Follow these guidelines, and your tan will be more likely to dry evenly. It might take a rather long time to dry completely, but as the minutes pass, your tan becomes more and more secure -- just be careful not to rub it off!

Protect your feet. The foot area normally gets less sun than the rest of your body and is generally fairer. Because of this, your feet might get darker faster than the rest of your body, so be careful. If you are using a tanning booth, use paper booties that are usually offered and apply the self tanner yourself to get the right shade.

Cloak Thyself Correctly

While sunless spray tanning, be very careful to wear clothes that will cover all the parts of your body that you do not want to tan. Spray tanning while in the nude is not recommended for someone who is new to spray tanning since the tanning results are quite unpredictable.

Also, spray tanners stain light-colored clothes so afterward, wear clothes that come in a dark colors. Loose ones are always better so they don't rub off your sexy new tan before it's finished drying.

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