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Tanning Bed Parts

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Tanning Bed Parts

Get your tanning bed parts here and save! 

Your tanning bed has specific parts in order for it to work properly. Some of these parts might include: ∑ Tanning bed lamps, or tanning bulbs ∑ Acrylics ∑ Cooling fans and systems ∑ Timers ∑ Starters If you donít know much about the construction of a tanning bed, it is best to leave it to a professional tanning bed technician and repairperson. Otherwise, you may end up with more problems if you try to replace the parts on your own. Do not skimp on any part of your tanning bed. Each one is terribly important and skimping on any of them could result in a poor tan, sunburn and could increase your risk for damaging your tanning bed.

Tanning Bed Lamps Replacement Parts

Tanning bed lamps are one of the first things people think of when stocking up on supplies for bed parts. What you want to consider before you buy in bulk is if you like the particular brand you are purchasing. Some tanning bed lamps are different than others. Try a couple of different sets out first and see which ones work better. Ask for recommendations from tanning salon owners. Tanning bed lamp replacements may cost around $300. How often should you replace the tanning bed lamps? Here are the specifics: 156 sessions a year divided by 3,000 sessions with 500-hour tanning bed lamps means it would take one person approximately 19 years before they would ever need to replace the bulbs. That is if you donít skip a single session, three sessions each week, 52 weeks a year. However, if more than one person uses your tanning bed, cut that number of years in half. A third person uses it? Cut that in half again and so forth.

Tanning Bed Acrylics

What exactly are tanning bed acrylics? The word ĒacrylicsĒ is the term for the plastic sheet you relax on while getting a tan. It protects your skin and the tanning bed bulbs. It comes in clear so the tanning bed bulbs can cut through the material and the UV rays are uninhibited. Some of the newer models of tanning beds have a frosted look to the acrylics. The acrylics in a tanning salon are cleaned each and every time someone uses a tanning bed. There are specific cleaners you should use on acrylics that you should get from a retail tanning bed shop. Do not use other cleaners.

Replacing Tanning Bed Acrylics

Replacing the tanning bed acrylics may be needed if the acrylic cracks. This can happened for a number of reasons, mostly because the acrylic used in the tanning bed was too thin. Other reasons may include mishandling or improper use of the tanning bed. Check for a thick acrylic replacement for your tanning bed. Acrylics are cheap enough and easy to replace but you donít want to have to keep replacing them if you donít need to. Also, check the warranty if it hasnít yet expired. Acrylic replacement may be included. Tanning bed acrylics can be less than $200 to replace, which is inexpensive when comparing buying a whole new tanning bed.

Dirty Acrylics in a Tanning Bed

It is very important for both tanning salon owners and for home tanning bed owners to clean the acrylics all over at the very least once a month. Your tanning bed may actually loose its effectiveness if left unclean. Want to test this theory? Purchase or borrow a UV reader. This is a little device you can use to check how much UV light is actually getting through. You could loose anywhere from 20% to 50% of your tanning bulb efficiency by not cleaning the tanning bed. You can usually purchase tanning bed cleaner for under $15. Use the cleaner as often as possible to ensure that your tanning bed is giving the best UV light, even through the acrylic. Also, never use oils or anything other than indoor tanning lotion inside a tanning bed. Oils are especially important as this can break down the acrylic and cause many problems. Avoid any sort of oils in your tanning bed!

Used Tanning Bed Touch Ups

If you purchased a used tanning bed, it might be that the only thing needing repairs is the outside layer of the bed. Or maybe the acrylic inside needs replacing and new tanning lamps. Some tanning beds are sold only because salon owners go out of business, the equipment is worn looking or new models come out. Some of the best ways to get great deals on tanning beds is to buy one used and simply replace the parts that need to be fixed. In rare cases, it is only some cosmetic damage. Some tanning beds may need new starters or cooling systems but in most cases this is rare and you should be able to find tanning beds with little to know actual replacements needed other than the tanning lamp bulbs.

Cooling Systems Tanning Bed Parts

One of the most common parts to replace in a tanning bed is the cooling system, and most likely it is the cooling fan itself. If the fan motor burns out, take care to replace the fan motor. Also, cooling systems can usually be adjusted to fit the needs of individuals. Some people donít need the cooling system on the highest setting and this can be changed to the lowest needed setting possible. This may help prevent the need to replace cooling system tanning parts. If more help is needed after you replace the fan and the motor, check with your ownerís manual or ask for a tanning bed repairperson to visit your home or tanning salon. A fan alone is inexpensive, costing only $15.

Replacing Parts in Used Tanning Beds

Find cheaper parts for replacements in a used tanning bed by finding other used parts. You may be surprised at how much you could save. Online auctions like eBay might have additional savings in regards to replacing things like starters, cooling systems and timers. Do not, however, put in used tanning bed lamps or replace parts like acrylics that are inexpensive to replace anyways. These products, when used, may become less efficient, like the tanning bed lamps. In general most parts for tanning beds are cheap and easy to replace.

Cost of Replacement Parts for Tanning Beds

Regular maintenance for tanning beds is a little expensive but could be worth it compared to buying a whole new tanning bed. Replacement parts might look expensive but in the long run could save you thousands when purchasing a used tanning bed compared to a new one. Letís use the figures below: New Tanning Bed: $5,000 (Weíre throwing in free tanning lamps here, but this isnít always the case.) Cost of a Used Tanning Bed: $2000 Plus Bulbs: $300 Plus Acrylic: $200 Plus Fan: $15 Plus Starter: $10 Plus Timer: $100 Total: $2625 Even with all those replacements, you still save well over $2000. So replacement tanning bed parts are too bad at all. Compared with the cost of going to a tanning salon, after a couple of years youíd save even more money.

Tanning Bed Timers

Whatever you do, no matter which part of your tanning bed you are thinking about skimping on, do not ever skimp on the tanning bed timer. Most people think they can just set an alarm clock or set their watch or mean to look at their watch and will get out of the tanning bed before a session is over. What if you fall asleep? What if the alarm clock fails? What if youíre listening to music and donít hear the alarm going off? Timers ensure that the electricity is cut off from your tanning bed and the bed itself turns off when your time is up. This is so important. Falling asleep can easily happen. A tanning bed gets warm; you are still for five minutes. Anyone could fall asleep. Alarm clocks fail. Setting the tanning bed timer prevents sunburns, even if you fall asleep. Replacements cost only $100 or so but it could save your skin, or your life, if you were to try to use a tanning bed without a cut off timer system.

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