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Tanning Lotions

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Tanning Lotions

We carry of 3000 tanning lotions with online ordering.


Tanning lotions come in a variety of types. There are lotions that moisturize the skin and enhance a tan you are already developing. Some lotions have sunscreen that helps prevent sunburn. Some tanning lotions have self tanning agents in the products. How can a consumer tell which one is which? Try these hints: · Read the directions. The directions should say how to use the product. Do you apply before going out into the sunlight? It could be moisturizers or sunscreen. · Ask a tanning salon attendant. Employees at a tanning salon should know the difference between the products they use. · Check the label. A product that has SPF has sunscreen. A product with DHA is a self tanning lotion.

Discount Tanning Lotions

Tanning lotion costs can be expensive. Many supermarkets offer tanning lotions so look for special bargains and discounts. You may be able to get discount tanning lotions from retail tanning bed stores if you need to buy in bulk or single product sales. Be aware that buying discount tanning lotions at the end of the tanning season should only be done if you plan to use the tanning lotion during the same year. Old tanning lotions should be thrown out after a year. Some tanning lotions are dated so you should be able to check the date. If not, make a note on the bottle when the lotion was purchased and when you should toss it out.

Cheap Tanning Lotion

Be aware that cheap tanning lotions are not always the best buy. Tanning lotions that also contain sunscreen offer various ranges of SPF. You could not buy a cheap tanning lotion with low SPF without reapplying it many times to get the same results as a higher SPF. It may be worth it to go with a higher SPF, even if it means a more expensive tanning lotion. Do check for dates the tanning lotion was manufactured. If it has been over a year, don’t buy the tanning lotion. The lotion may be ineffective after a year.

Tanning Pill

Some people confuse some tanning pills with tanning lotions or self tanning lotions. The tanning pill may have herbs or special formulas. The U.S.F.D.A. has put a ban on certain types of tanning pills because they were dangerous. Tanning pills, in general, have no affect on the skin. They will not tan your skin. Some might make your skin more vulnerable to UV rays, which could be dangerous but no pill will 'color' the skin directly. For the best results, try a tanning bed, self tanning lotions or sun tanning.


Bronzers are best described as a product that you rub on that colors your skin. There are different sorts of ‘bronzers’. If the bronzer contains dihydroxyacetone, or DHA, the product actually does tan the skin the same way sunless tanning lotions work. In most cases, bronzers act like makeup. The bronze color can be applied and taken off with soap and water. Bronzers come in a lotion or in a powder form that can be brushed onto the face quickly to give the face or body a darker look.

SPF and Sunscreen

You can recognize a sunscreen when the label mentions SPF. If you run into any sun tanning lotion product that contains SPF, you are looking at a product with sunscreen. Sunscreen contains a SPF number. SPF stands for sun protection factor. The number indicates how long you should be able to stay out in the sun. It does not describe minutes. If you have an SPF of 15 on your sunscreen, you should be able to stay outside in the sun 15 times longer than without the sunscreen. This could be different amounts of time for different people, depending on the skin type. Some sunscreens are used in tanning beds. These indoor tanning lotions with SPF do prevent sunburn but the body will still get a nice tan. This acts as an additional safety element when trying to prevent sunburns on sensitive skin.

Indoor Tanning Lotion

Indoor tanning lotion does a number of different things depending on the ingredients in the bottle. Some indoor tanning lotions only moisturize the skin. Other lotions help to develop the tan you are getting from the tanning bed. The indoor tanning lotion may also contain sunscreen, which may help prevent sunburn while still letting the body tan. Some people are confused about the difference between indoor tanning lotions and self tanners, or "sunless tanning lotions". Sunless tanning lotions were not meant for use in an indoor tanning bed. Do ask the tanning salon attendant about which product to use before getting into a tanning bed.


Unlike sunscreen, sunblock does not have an SPF. Sunblock doesn’t need a SPF because with sunblock, you block the sunrays altogether. If you are trying to get a tan, you should not use sunblock. If your ‘sunblock’ has an SPF number on it, it is not true sunblock. Sunblock is helpful for people with a sensitive skin type, like skin type I, where the skin does not tan, it just burns under the sun. If a person with skin type I used a sunblock, they should be able to enjoy being out in the sun without worrying about burning.

Sunblock, Sunscreen, Tanning Lotion

The terms between sunblock, sunscreen and tanning lotions are often confused. Try this list of terms to define what each one should mean: · Sunblock - This product blocks out sunrays completely. · Sunscreen - It should have a SPF on the label and people may still tan without burning. · Tanning Lotion - Might contain an SPF if it has additional sunscreen but most tanning lotions contain special moisturizers to help the skin after tanning. · Sunless Tanning Lotion - If you put on this product, it will stimulate the very top layer of skin to produce a nice tan, usually temporary. · Bronzers - In most cases, bronzers are a makeup applied to darken the skin and can be washed off with soap and water. · Tanning Pills - These are thought to tan the skin, but are not recommended.

Tanning Lotion and Indoor Tanning

There are specific types of tanning lotions and you should be aware of what you are purchasing before you buy a product. Some products are great for indoor tanning but not good for outdoor tanning, and the tanning lotion should not be confused with one another. Indoor tanning lotions are made specifically for indoor tanning beds. Indoor tanning beds do not contain the more dangerous UVC rays that the sun produces. Sunscreen normally used for outdoor tanning blocks out UVC rays. Indoor tanning lotions may not contain the same protection and should not be used outdoors.

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