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I really am so happy with my tanning bed. I will be ordering tanning lotions very soon, and I really appreciate your company, products, and the people who have dealt with me so far.

Linda, California

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Used Tanning Beds

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Used Tanning Beds

Check out our large selection of used tanning beds

Naturally, as new tanning beds are brought out, older used tanning bed models are sold to tanning bed stores. If you have limited finances, either for a commercial tanning salon or for a tanning bed for your own home, buy a used tanning bed may be an option. These are less expensive and should still work well. Used tanning beds, in general, work just as well as any new tanning bed. Some tanning salons get rid of tanning beds as new, more stylish tanning beds come in from manufacturers. This is a great way to find a deal on used tanning beds. Used tanning beds can be resurfaced, a few touch ups with some paint should do the trick for some tanning beds.

Shop Carefully For Used Tanning Beds

Some tanning beds have been recalled for various reasons, but that doesnít mean that the owner returned the tanning bed. Check with the manufacturer to see if the used tanning bed you want to buy is matched with any recalls made for the tanning bed. Tanning beds also change sizes and types of bulbs used. You donít want to buy a used tanning bed that is impossible to find the bulbs for. Some tanning beds are no longer used simply because no one can find the proper tanning lamps to replace the current ones inside the tanning bed.

Used Tanning Bed Tips

When you purchase a used tanning bed, try these tips. ∑ Wash the entire tanning bed, the canopy and the bench. ∑ Check for replacement parts with a local tanning bed retailer. ∑ Replace the bulbs immediately if the previous owner did not say they put in new bulbs. ∑ Check with the ownerís manual. If the previous owner did not have one, call a retail tanning bed shop for assistance. ∑ Check for electrical cords that may have been replaced. This could be a sign of an electrical malfunction. If you follow these used tanning bed tips, your used tanning bed will be safe to use.

Replace Bulbs in Used Tanning Beds

Always replace the bulbs in used tanning beds that you purchase. If you buy a used tanning bed for a retailer, be sure to ask if you will get new tanning bulbs to replace the old ones. In most cases, you can get the tanning bulbs for free with your purchase just by asking about it. The older tanning bed bulbs are the less effective they are on tanning. Also check if replacement bulbs are easy to access. Some tanning beds require specific sizes of bulbs and if the model is no longer being manufactured, it may be harder to find the tanning bulbs.

Used Commercial Tanning Bed

If you are starting a new tanning salon, check with your local tanning bed retail for used commercial tanning beds. These commercial tanning beds were previously used in tanning salons and most likely the only reason why they were replaced was to put in some newer model. Your tanning bed retailer should provide you with all the information you need on a used commercial tanning bed. Ask to see the owner's manual and compare the tanning bed with newer models. If you can get a great price on a used commercial tanning bed that still works, it could be a way to save money as you start your new tanning salon.

Buying a Used Tanning Bed from the Classifieds

If you find some great prices on used tanning beds in the classifieds, try these tips for making sure the tanning bed is what you want. Ask the person who placed the classified ad if they are the original owner of the tanning bed. If possible, ask to see the receipt. Some tanning beds that have exchanged hands with a few people may have been passed around for a reason. Tanning beds usually need replacement bulbs right off. Ask if these would be included in the retail price. Try out the tanning booth. Donít simply turn it on and look at the glowing tanning lamps. Check the electrical cord if it has been replaced. This may be a sign of electrical problems. Also check for damages to the exterior.

Used Tanning Bed Shipping

How are you going to get your used tanning bed to its location? The cost of shipping should be up front along with the price. Retail tanning salons will often ask up front where you are from and will give a realistic cost of how much it will take to ship the tanning bed to your home. In some cases, if the tanning bed company is located near your area, you could simply rent a truck and pick up your used tanning bed. The cost of shipping the tanning bed with freight may be quite a bit but simply weigh what you might have spent on a new tanning bed, plus the shipping for that. Some retail tanning bed companies sell new and used tanning bed and many of them include free shipping along with the price. Take advantage of these opportunities.

Buying a Used Tanning Bed Online

Online retailers and bidding websites allow consumers purchase products at a great price, including used tanning beds. You should be cautious, however, of purchasing tanning beds online from an unknown source. Photos only tell half the story. The best way to buy a used tanning bed online is to ask questions. Ask if the cord has been replaced or why the seller is selling the used tanning bed. There are retailers of new tanning beds that also sell used tanning beds online. It may be more reliable to buy a used tanning bed from such a retailer. A retailer will be able to tell you exactly what you are getting and would be available for questions after the purchase.

Used Tanning Beds For Sale

You can find a great sale on used tanning beds by shopping online and with local retail tanning bed shops. Used tanning beds for sale by a retailer may be the best course of action for purchasing a tanning bed. It is inexpensive and a tanning bed retailer will be able to tell you all about the tanning bed, if any recalls were made on it, where to find new tanning bulbs and much more. Some tanning bed retailers will touch up the tanning bed for you before the sale. Some tanning beds become damaged after regular use and the retailer would be able to fix it or find out how to get it fixed. A used tanning bed for sale in a retail shop may actually look better than new by the time you look at them to purchase. You can't say the same about buying a used tanning bed that are for sale online or through the classifieds.

Prices on Used Tanning Bed

Is it really cheaper to buy a used tanning bed? The prices of some new tanning beds, when compared to used ones, can be a big difference. The problem may come with financing. Used tanning beds may have a much lower price tag but you may not get financing out of a used tanning bed with most tanning bed retailers.

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