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Buying a Tanning Bed

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Buying a Tanning Bed

Need a home tanning bed, we have you covered.  Best tanning beds in the industry. 

Before buying a home tanning bed, consider how often you will actually use it. If you only go to the tanning salon once a month or so, it might not be worth it for you to buy a tanning bed. However, if you would like to achieve a glowing tan by tanning for a few minutes each day, then a home tanning bed may be right for you.

To decide what type of banning bed to buy, ask around to any friends or family members who own tanning beds to ask for recommendations. You can also look consumer report magazines and websites to read reviews of tanning beds.

Be sure to compare prices and specifications of various brands and models of tanning beds before making your purchase. Request a tanning bed catalog from the manufacturer or retailer in order to get a better idea on what tanning beds are available.

If you decide to buy a tanning bed online, factor in the shipping cost when comparing prices to a local retailer. As with any major purchase, make sure you understand the warranty and have it in writing before making your final purchase.

Why You Should Buy a Tanning Bed

Buying a home tanning bed will save you both time and money. The cost of buying a tanning bed includes the initial cost of bed, plus the cost of cleaning supplies, replacement bulbs and parts and electricity to use the bed. When calculating how much you will save by owning your own tanning bed, you should consider the cost of commercial tanning sessions, the inconvenience of driving to a salon and the cost of gas to get there.

The main reason you should buy your own tanning bed is because you can use it whenever you want. Most tanning salons are not open late in the day or early in the morning - and that's the time that most people have spare time. Having your own tanning bed is like having a home gym. You can use it whenever you want!

Also, if you have reservations about the cleanliness of a commercial salon, you can rest assure by buying your own tanning bed. You will control who uses it and how often the tanning bed is cleaned.

Questions to Ask Before Purchasing a Tanning Bed

Before you purchase a tanning bed, you should ask yourself the following questions:

How often will you use the tanning bed?
Do you have room in you house or apartment for the tanning bed?
Can you afford to pay cash for a tanning bed?
If not, do you want to finance the tanning bed?

When choosing a retailer and puchasing your tanning bed, you should ask various tanning bed retailers the following questions:

How long have you been in business?
Can you provide customer references?
Are there extra shipping or delivery charges?
Is there a money back guarantee?
What are the limits of the warranty?
What if the bed is damaged during transit?
Will my tanning bed arrive fully assembled?
How long does will it take to assemble the bed?
Do you also sell lamps, lotions and other accessories?
Do you provide service or parts?

Tanning Bed Financing

For you convenience, many tanning bed retailers offer tanning bed financing. Before financing your bed, there are several things that you should discuss with the retailer.

Is the listed price on the website (or in the tanning bed catalog) the same price when financing?
Many times the listed price is only good for cash, check or credit card purchases and financed prices are higher. Be sure to understand how much money you are financing before filling out a financing application.

What's the interest rate?
You don't want to pay a ridiculous interest rate to finance a tanning bed. If the rate is too high, it might be better to apply for a bank loan directly to get money for your tanning bed.

How long does it normally take to get financed?
If you are in a hurry to get your tanning bed, understand that financing paperwork and processing will delay the shipping of your bed. Find out how long it usually takes to get financing.

Buying Tanning Beds Online

Shopping for a tanning bed online can save you both time and money. If you don't have the time to visit several tanning bed showrooms in your local area, you can buy a tanning bed from the convenience of your own home. However, you should be careful when making any major online purchase.

Choose a reputable retailer.
Find out how long the company has been in business
Check their status with the Better Business Bureau
Ask for customer testimonials or reviews

Shop only from a secure website.
When entering your credit card information and other personal details online, be sure you are shopping from a secure website. Look for the padlock symbol on the lower right hand corner of the page and only deal with reputable dealers.

Comparison shop.
Even though you are buying the tanning bed online, you should comparison shop and look for tanning bed sales. Compare price, specification and shipping costs of several brands and models of tanning beds before making your final purchase.

Check the warranty before you buy.
Ask for a copy of the warranty and inquire about the retailer's money back guarantee. Read the warranty information and even the tanning bed manual before making your final purchase.

Tanning Bed Reviews

As with all major purchases, you should read customer and professional reviews before making your tanning bed purchase.

Ask the retailer for tanning bed reviews from their customers.
Getting information from persons who have purchased a tanning bed from the same retailer where you are making your purchase is the best way to go. This way, you will get the most accurate information on the specific tanning bed you are considering buying.

Read consumer report publications.
Purchase magazines and read review websites that publish professional and consumer reviews. You will find a multitude of opinions on various makes and models of tanning beds.

Ask local tanning salons for reviews.
Your local tanning salon can oftentimes give you inside information on which tanning beds to purchase (and which to avoid). Keep in mind that the best tanning bed for commercial use may not be the best one for home use.

Where to Buy Tanning Beds

There are several places where you can look to buy tanning beds.

Online tanning bed retailers
For the best selection and oftentimes the best prices, purchase your tanning bed from an online retailer. Before making the purchase, compare prices between several retailers, find out warranty information and inquire about shipping costs.

Directly from manufacturers
Some manufacturers will allow you to order tanning beds directly. Keep in mind that the manufacturers may not sell supplies, such as cleaning supplies, replacement bulbs and tanning lotions. Also ask if they will provide any service or repair.

Tanning salons
Contact tanning salons in your local area to see if they are selling any used tanning beds. Keep in mind that you don't know the history of these type of beds and they usually will not have a warranty.

Classified ads
Sometimes people purchase tanning beds and then realize they don't use them often. Therefore, they put the beds up for sale in classified ads or on eBay. As with other used beds, these home tanning beds may not be backed by the manufacturer warranty.

Comparing Tanning Bed Prices

When comparing tanning bed models and prices, you need to consider the differences between tanning beds.

Some differences can include tanning bed size, timer type, cooling system and warranty. You should also take into account shipping costs, prices of replacement bulbs, ease of assembly and cost of any other additional supplies. You can use BizRate or NexTag to compare different brands and models of tanning beds online.

At Master Tanning, you can compare tanning bed prices between several different tanning beds. On the website, you can view detailed specifications on each make and model. Then you simply use the convenient "Compare Beds" feature to compare the tanning beds side by side to determine which home tanning bed is best for you.

Questions for Your Tanning Bed Retailer

After you have decided to purchase a tanning bed online, there are some questions you should ask the retailer before making your final purchase.

  • Are you an "online only" store?
  • What's your physical address?
  • Do you offer tanning bed financing?
  • What are the warranties and guarantees on the bed?
  • Can I cancel my order if I change my mind?
  • Do I have to pay sales tax?
  • By what method will my bed be shipped?
  • Can I track the shipping?
  • How do I go about returning an item?
  • How much do the replacement bulbs cost?
  • Do you offer assembly/installation help over the phone?

Benefits of Buying a Home Tanning Bed

The main benefit of buying a tanning bed is the ability to get a tan. By using a tanning bed for just a few minutes a day, you can achieve a golden tan all year round.

Oftentimes tanning salons aren't open during early or late hours. By owning your own tanning bed, you can get a tan at your convenience.

In the long run, purchasing a tanning bed will save you money over trips to the tanning salon. Consider how often you will use the tanning bed to determine if the initial cost is worth it to you.

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