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Tanning Bed Maintenance and Repairs

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"Preventative" Maintenance

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Any tanning bed that runs all day every day is bound to eventually have a problem. The best way to stave those problems is daily upkeep, maintenance, and organization.

From the start, select as great a mix of equipment as you can reasonably afford. The better stock you have, the less likely your business will be crippled if one is down for repair.

A blend is always a smart idea in any case. The more you have to offer, the more the clients will be drawn in, whether they are looking or function, class, or performance. This method is sort of preventative maintenance, and will solve problems before they can even start.

Stay in contact with customers

Quite simply, a broken piece of equipment means a direct loss of revenue for the salon, disappointed customers, and the potential to ruin relationships and reputation with new and potential clients. Appointments will need to be rescheduled, clients may decide to go elsewhere, and the effects can be something of a domino.

The worst thing for your business is if customers start to lose confidence in your equipment or your company. Show you are on the same team by checking in with them after each session - ask them if everything was to their liking, if they would advise any improvements. Customers are investing in these sessions, so if they saw any dusty lamps or heard any strange machine noises, they will be sure to share the info! While inspections are still of a paramount importance, customer queries can be the first line of defense.

Know your equipment

Knowing your equipment can help you keep it in tip-top shape. Do you keep a maintenance log? A detailed record of each and every piece of equipment in your arsenal is vital, be it the last time the tanning bulbs or tanning bed parts were replaced or evaulated, receipts for replaced parts, important repair and warantee related phone numbers and contact names, this info is not to be far from your sight at any time. Be prepared for anything.

This log is something important for all employees to understand and have access to, so that records aren't stunted by someone being out or on vacation.

This equipment is used on a daily basis, so everyone should know it from top to bottom, and know how to spot when things aren't working. This is true from the owners on down. This knowledge, and record-keeping can help spot (and prevent) problems down the line.

Stay well-stocked

From time to time, whether it's a bulb or a fan, everything is going to act up or need replacing. One way to take a pro-active stance is to maintain a stock of all the equipment you may be needing.

Say your tanning bulb goes out right before a busy day at the spa. If you have a closet stocked with those bulbs, you can replace it before causing any pause in business. It also saves money on rush orders and delivery if the product is right there in your supply closet!

It's easy to run low on high-demand parts, but if you think ahead and have it waiting, you can save time, energy, manpower, and money - something that benefits the business, and the customer.

Maintenance Basics

While the needs and lifespan of all equipment will of course vary, there are some basic check-list items that your salon should remember to check as often as possible.

a - Keep an eye on all warantees. Know what's covered, how long it's covered for, and when that coverage ends. It will go a long way in scheduling repairs.

b - Dust can cause you to lose a significant percentage of tanning power. Make sure you dust your tanning lamps and fans at least weekly. This basic cleanliness is important to productivity.

c - Use the right cleaners and disinfectants. Make sure the ones you use are marked to be safe for indoor tanning - there's a great selection at MasterTanning.com. Using the wrong ones can cause acrylic breakdowns and even destroy the fabric of the bed.

d - Check those tanning lamps! Bulbs and lamps that are at diminished power will cause tanners to need to tan longer just to get the same tan! That raises energy costs and is just a bad idea for time-management!

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