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After talking with several companies, I talked with Mike at Master Tanning. He was very pleasant and knowledgeable, and he helped me decide what would be the best for me. Thank you, Master Tanning and Mike.

Becky , Idaho

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Tanning Beds

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Tanning beds make life easier.

Tanning beds for salon and home use. 

If delayed gratification is not your thing, tanning beds are a fast, fun way to get a beautiful tan - no matter what time of year it is!

In short, a tanning bed is just more convenient. Not all of us have extra time during the day to lay out in the sun during the most potent hours. This is especially true if you have a demanding job or a child to take care of. Tanning beds can be used early in the morning, late at night, or in the dead of winter - and this is even more so the case if you invest in a home tanning bed.

As our lives get busier and more hectic, the sunless tan alternative grows more and more attractive.

Tanning beds are good for your skin and body

There will always be people throwing negative ideas about tanning beds at you. But the truth is, in several ways, tanning booths are good for your skin and body!

First of all, they help the body produce Vitamin D. This vitamin helps keep your bones strong. Tanning also encourages the production of endorphins, which has been proven to be good for our mental state. In fact, it's been shown to help combat Winter Depression - a very real problem effecting large parts of the population, especially in cold areas and places that don't get a lot of sunlight.

There has also been evidence that skin issues ranging from hives to rashes can be helped or even cleared up by the heat of the tanning lamp. While not proven, there are mounting examples of this, and at the very least can offer relaxation and destressing - which in itself is known to combat these ailments.

Tanning bed purchase options

Whether you are purchasing a tanning bed for an indoor tanning salon, or a new or used tanning bed for your home needs, there are often tanning bed specials or sales to be found.

Keep track of popular web stores like MasterTanning.com and take advantage of their fantastic financing options. You may discover that owning your own sunbed is way more affordable than you could have imagined! Whether you buy new or used, issues like warantees and parts covered are an important part of the buying process.

When you do make a purchase, be sure to know what you want. Even at great rates, a tanning bed is a long-term investment, and it'll be a more successful one if everyone knows what they are getting into.

Types of tanning beds

Are you wondering what the best type of bed for you is? Like with all purchases, it is indeed a personal decision based on your unique needs.

Many people lean toward stand-up beds. This is a great option for clastrophobic people. It offers you a great deal of exposure and usually has less session time required than traditonal beds. Many others prefer lie-down beds though. There's nothing more luxurious than taking a quick nap as your body grows more tan!

Your choice will largely be based on what type you feel most comfortable using and get the best results in. If you feel like you need to try both before choosing your favorite, that's fine too. More and more salons have both stand-up booths and lie-down tanning beds available, to be able to service all of their clients' ranging needs.

How do tanning beds work?

You may know what the results of tanning beds are but not the method by which tanning happens.

In short, a tanning bed is lined with tanning lamps that emit UV light. This spectrum of UVA and UVB is similiar enough to the sun that it has a tanning effect on your skin. The deepness of this result will depend on the particular bed's power, how long your session time, and of course, how often you tan.

People with very light or fair skin, or those who have particularly sensitively skin should start off slow and build. Over time, your tan will deepen, and if you care for it correctly - will be more even and beautiful than even a "real" tan would be. Remember though, this is not a base tan - your skin is still susceptible to sunburns when out in the actual sun. You should always wear sunscreen outdoors, and stay well-moisterized. That's better for your tan, and a good idea year-round!

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