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The delivery, packaging quality and ease of installation were first rate. Within an hour we had the furniture moved out, the bed set up and running. Thanks for the advice and a great bed. If we need anything else, we will sure call again. Thanks, Master Tanning, and thanks, Brian.

Kenneth ,Louisiana

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Advantages of Tanning Booths

Need a tanning booth we have you covered.



An obvious advantage of using a tanning booth is that an even tan becomes a great probability. This type of tanning booth is a capsule that you stand up in. You will be able to get the tan you want in less time. than it would take with a traditional tanning bed. You will also be able to achieve your ideal tan in fewer sessions.

For example, the sleek and sexy SolarForce 652V, available at MasterTanning.com, has a 10-minute tanning session, making it an optimum choice for fitting tanning into even the busiest of schedules.

These standup tanning beds tend to be more comfortable as well, there is generally a fan on the ceiling that keeps you cool during the tanning process, and claustrophobics will be much more comfortable than in the bed version.

Tanning Booth Safety

You already know that eye protection is incredibly important no matter what your means of tanning. It is crucial that you use proper fitting eye protection when you use a tanning booth. This eyewear, usually goggles, need to fit snuggly against your eyes and have a strap to hold it in place. Many people own eye protection that simply lay on your face. These types work well for a tanning bed but are useless for a tanning booth.

Another safety concern is obeying session time. Just as with a bed, or the natural sun, you should not tan every day. Your skin needs time to allow the UV rays to be absorbed. It is recommended that you only use a tanning booth every other day for the best results.

Achieving Your Best Results

You are investing time and money into this experience, you should achieve optimum results while you are at it.

To ensure that you get the best results when using a stand up tanning booth, you need to make sure you exfoliate thoroughly before you enter. This will give your skin a smooth surface for an even tan. You will also need to use a moisturizer that contains vitamin D to repair skin cells and protect healthy ones. Also, while standing in the booth, spread your legs apart and hold your arms over your head so that the insides of your appendages get tanned as well.

Take a look at the SunDome 548V at MasterTanning.com, which evenly filters tanners with all-over-tan power in a short 10-minute session, or the Sun Scape 756V, which even includes an internal optional dressing room. These truly are above and beyond anything else out there.

Hygiene of Stand Up Booths

For people who are extra mindful of sanitary concerns and hygiene, they may have additional reason to consider a stand-up tanning booth.

In a stand up bed, you will not have to touch the same surface that other tanners were touching during their sessions. Based on that, you can't help but feel that this type of tanning bed is more sanitary.

In all fairness though, touching the surface of tanning bed will not matter in the long run. These beds have very strong bulbs installed, and the UV light they emit kills most bacteria. In addition, most reputable salons will clean their beds after each session. Still, it can't hurt to be extra safe!

Tired limbs?

Sleepy feet?

Just about the only disadvantage of a standup tanning bed is just that...standing up!

Standing in one place for the length of the session can make you tire pretty quickly. It also isn't an option for a user with disibilities. No one knows your limitations better than you yourself do.

You may not know what you can handle until you try it, so if you think standing in one place for 10 minutes or so is no problem, go ahead and get yourself a gorgeous all-over tan. But if you know you'll have angry, tired limbs, perhaps an old-fashioned bed is a better choice for you.

Pregnancy and Tanning

Tanning during prengancy is just as safe as being out in the natural sunlight. The UV lights do not reach the fetus, so it is not at all at risk..and the baby will have a tan mommy!

But if you are pregnant and going to tan, a tanning booth is a wise choice over a tanning bed. Lying in a tanning bed raises your body temperature, which can be dangerous to the baby. Also, lying on your back too long may restrict bloodflow.

Standup booths avoid both of these problems, via cooling fans and more mobility, making it a better choice to have your tan - and your comfort too!

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