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Having been burned by internet orders before, I was a bit reluctant to order from Master Tanning Inc. It turns out that my fears were completely unfounded. Our tanning canopy arrived 3 days after we placed the order (1 day earlier than promised). The unit was completely intact, well packaged, and undamaged. I truly appreciate the level of high quality customer service, that I have seen to date from Master Tanning Inc. We will certainly continue to purchase products from Master Tanning Inc, and will recommend your store to all of our friends!

Chris , Florida

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Find a Home Tanning Bed for Your Needs

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Making the choice

Find the home tanning bed that meets all your needs. 

So, you've made the decision to stop paying monthly membership fees at your local tanning salon and instead invest those funds in a home tanning bed.

The decision is a wise one: You'll find residential tanning beds on MasterTanning.com that cost as little as $25/month. Considering that the average tanning salon membership costs that or more, and you get the comforts and convenience of home without sacrificing any additional hard-earned money.

When making the choice to purchase a home tanning bed, you have to be aware what you are getting into. While it does offer the obvious benefits -- like not being at the mercy of a salon's hours or schedule and no commute worries -- you also lose the valuable input and assistance of salon personnel.

This can be alleviated by asking the right questions -- know the style you want and the options you need (Stand-up or lie-down? High-pressure or low?) before you order it and have to fend for yourself. Issues like warranties, ease of use, comfort and safety should all be a part of your research so that once the bed is in your home, your chief worry can be that gorgeous new tan.

Finding your ultimate comfort and design

Depending on the session time of your home tanning bed, you are going to be spending chunks of time in it, perhaps on a weekly basis. If you wish to make this experience as fun as possible, finding the most comfortable tanning bed for your needs is a great start.

The best home tanning beds are designed for comfort and speed and will keep you cool even as it sun-kisses your skin. Great finds in this category include Master Tanning’s SunQuest 24RS, which in 15 minutes' exposure time gets you warmed with 24 tanning lamps. The SunQuest® Wolff® Pro 26RS has staggered lamps that allow for facial tanning, too.

The best tanning bed for you is going to depend on your individual needs. If you live in a tight space, you may want a model like the Sunquest 2000S, which folds flat for storage. Options are also available that contain amenities ranging from facial tanners to digital timers.

Some people are more comfortable in stand-up booths, others in the traditional lie-down tanning bed. That too is a matter of personal comfort and choice. Remember, you are making the choice to purchase a residential tanning bed in order to have the ultimate in convenience. Having the best bed for your needs is a big part of that!

Home Tanning Bed Safety

To every benefit there is a potential drawback. While home tanning beds allow you to tan in the moonlight hours if you so desire, there's also no built-in safeguard against over-tanning.

Safety is an important concern when indoor tanning, and learning to police yourself is very important as well. With a tanning bed in your basement, you could conceivably visit it every few hours. Rather than give in to this option and damage your skin, be sure to give careful consideration to your bed's features and session times before even making your purchase.

Important components of home tanning bed safety include:

  • Wear goggles AT ALL TIMES. One time skipping can cause permanent eye damage. Make sure you buy eye wear that fits securely and make sure it is not cracked or broken.
  • Start slowly and build a gradual bronze over time. Even if you are craving a romantic getaway with tan skin, it's not an excuse to spend 2 hours straight in your tanning bed.
  • On the same note, know that you don't want to use the maximum time allowed your first time tanning. If your skin isn't used to it, you may burn.
  • Tan no more than once a week. Tans (and burns) take a few hours or even a day or so to come out -- so you really don't know if you are going too far until it's too late.

New or Used?

As with cars, it is often attractive to save some funds by buying a used tanning bed. This is a very viable solution; used tanning beds are often like-new, either having been refurbished, or sold by a salon eager to always have the newest designs and equipment.

If you do go the route of a used tanning bed, the important consideration, as always, is if you are exchanging cost for safety. Inquire if it has been inspected and if a warranty on all parts is available. Also see if the bulbs or lamp has been replaced. Over time, a home tanning bed is actually more affordable than a salon one, so a used one brings that cost-effectiveness up to an even higher level. Just make sure you know what you are getting and if it's what you really want.

Where to look for your home tanning bed?

The journey of finding a home tanning bed is an important one, and research is an important first step. The internet is a great tool in researching features and models and comparing prices and specs.

MasterTanning.com includes a great deal of advice on features and designs, as well as competitive prices on many of the hottest brands and styles. Consumer review sites can also share which indoor tanning beds have the best ratings, which are the most successful at the types of tans you are interested in and which one will fit in with your personal decor! A tanning bed is simultaneously buying an object that is aesthetic and virtually a piece of furniture -- fulfilling as many needs as possible is a great way to make it worth the research and expense!

Utilizing popular search engines, you can make search strings that are specific to your particular needs. Facial tanning? Stand up? Used? Folding table? The more specific you are in your search queries, the better chance you have of tanning success.

Maintenance - Be Ready for the Road Ahead

Buying a home tanning bed is half the battle; giving consideration to its future maintenance is the other.
When choosing between models, take a look at the long-term picture. Are its parts easy to remove or clean? Would you know who to call if you needed a repair or a replacement part?

The purchase of a home tanning bed should be a very exciting time, but it will be even more exciting if you know what you are getting in to. When you purchase a computer or a car, issues like troubleshooting and customer service are crucial. This is very true with tanning beds as well.

MasterTanning.com sells items ranging from lamps to tanning lotions to much in between, making it a great resource for the upkeep of your bed. Consider issues like this before buying. It will make things much easier if questions arise down the line!

Warranties: Are they offered?

Would you buy any expensive piece of equipment without a warranty? A residential tanning bed should be no different.

While doing your research, see if the tanning bed comes with a warranty. If it does, make sure you know the stipulations.

Does the warranty offer a lifetime guarantee? Does it have full coverage? Some warranties only cover certain parts for certain time periods and don't cover others -- such as bulbs -- at all. Even the best equipment has the potential to have problems down the line. With a warranty, you are more protected in that eventuality, and you're less likely to have to shell out greater funds to make repairs or replacements.

Home Tanning Bed Lamps

All home tanning beds have lamps or bulbs -- these are the essential components to what makes it work. That said, it is important to consider the lamps therein when making the purchase and determining the quality of various beds over others.

Lamp quality is very important. A fresh, high-quality lamp can make the difference between your having to spend more or less time in your bed (and thus, burn additional energy). Take a look at the lamps installed in the beds you are considering: Do these lamps in the tanning bed appear to be of good quality? Will they last for a long time? How much will the replacements cost? Will the lamps need frequent replacement -- if so, how often?

No reputable store will ever get annoyed at you for asking questions before you buy. Come armed with these issues and you are more likely to make their job easier as well.

Easy to use - and set up?

Everyone has had nightmares about that children's desk that came in 100 pieces. While it was cheaper to buy and assemble at home, was it really worth the hair-pulling and frustration? Handy or not, we like to know what we are getting into.

When buying a home tanning bed, this is twofold important: We need to know if we will have problems setting it up and if it will be easy to use in the future. Some beds do come pre-assembled -- which is, of course, the best possible option. And for others, delivery and assembly will be part of the purchase price.

Once your bed is set up and ready for use, is it easy to use? A user's guide or instructional manual can be your best friend if it's informative and written in a user-friendly fashion. Be sure to ask about the availability of such instructions, as well as if the manufacturer or store offers any help if you need assistance setting up or using the bed.

The coolest features on earth will not mean a thing if you can't figure out how to make them work. User-friendly bells and whistles are the key to buyer success.

Space and Electricity: The deciding factors

This may seem too obvious to mention, but it's important to consider: Will your tanning bed fit into the space you have planned for it? Many of us urban dwellers have three roommates and a closet for a bedroom. Space is not just a consideration, it's often a non-existence.

When buying your bed, make sure it is something you can get into your home, through your front door, and into a spot where you plan to keep it. MasterTanning has several foldable varieties -- such as the Sunquest 1000S -- that you can use when you need and then fold up and place in a corner or closet. In close spaces this is an important consideration.

Also, give thought to the wiring and electricity in your home. Can it handle a tanning bed? Before you have problems with your fuses or circuit breakers, put this question into your purchasing considerations.

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