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Decorating Your Tanning Salon

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Creating a Setting

Starting a salon, we have volume discounts.



Setting and ambiance are almost as important as the product. Remember, you are selling sun and relaxed mentality so your decorating should parallel this.

Popular tanning salon design choices include dropped ceilings and light sconces, pocket doors, and cove lighting. But your potential options are limitless. Perhaps you want a tropical setting, or an island one. Play around and see what works -- visit other salons in the area and browse the Internet to see what works for others in the tanning industry. You can always redesign, but first impressions will go a long way.

Remember, design is in the details. A small addition like a ceiling fan will keep the room cool and add to the relaxing feel of your tanning salon oasis.

Marketing Your Design

So, you've decided that your salon will be a tropical paradise. This design will be even more powerful if you incorporate it in your marketing materials. While creating tanning salon posters and tanning signs that a new salon is approaching, be sure these materials reflect that theme as well as possible.

Not only does including your design in your marketing help to solidify its concept, but it will also help draw clients that enjoy that particular setting and idea. It's more likely to mean customers who stay and bring friends as well.

Walls and Trim in Your Salon

A new trend in tanning salons and storefronts in general is a pre-fabricated wall system.

These wall systems have many advantages! First, they offer great flexibility and very easy installation -- they also are easy to move and reinstall. That means that should you need to move your location, you can literally take your walls with you!

Before investing in pre-fabricated wall systems, though, make sure you know exactly what you are getting for your money. If all the walling is included, along with installation and delivery, that is a better, more headache-free option for you.

Build as You Go

Remember, the most important part of any tanning salon is your equipment. Your budget planning needs to be focused on acquiring and maintaining that.

But once that is taken care of, you can build on design and decorating. If necessary, leasing or finance options can help to free up cash flow. For instance, if you are buying a wall unit, see if you can get a comprehensive package deal that includes not only the product, but building, delivery, and installation too.

Creature Comfort

The smartest additions and upgrades are the ones that create a sense of comfort. The effect is cyclical -- a comfortable customer is a happy one who will likely return.

Comfort can be achieved in details: upgrade the air-conditioning, and consider enclosing it in wall panels to avoid taking away from the main design. Have well-lit rooms and cooling fans; perhaps install additions like showers or lounge areas. If your indoor tanning salon is an oasis where customers can relax and escape from their busy lives, they will continue to choose to make it that relaxation spot.

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