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I really am so happy with my tanning bed. I will be ordering tanning lotions very soon, and I really appreciate your company, products, and the people who have dealt with me so far.

Linda, California

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What is a canopy tanning bed?

We have a great tanning canopy for you home. 

Canopy tanning beds are rising in popularity, especially in the residential tanning bed market.

These types of home tanning beds are portable units of canopies lined with UV lamps, and are hydraulically mounted on support
structures with wheels for easy movement and maneuverability. You don't need space for a bed or booth. These can be paired up with a beach chair or even a fluffy towel. You then find a comfortable position, and prepare to be tanned.

This type of tanning unit is ideal for people who travel a lot, or don't have a lot of space.

Advantages of Canopy Tanning

Canopy tanning units have a few advantages over standup or traditional bed varieties.

Perhaps most importantly for your concerns, they are a great deal less expensive than their tanning counterparts. This is probably based on logic - canopies are just about half the size of a tradtional clam-shell shaped unit. It figures it would cost less!

However, even though it is smaller and less expensive, the tan is just as full. Canopy units contain the exact same UV lamps tanning lamps as any other type of unit - they also work the same, and have the same results - they just the work in less space!

Visit MasterTanning.com and check out the SunQuest 1000s or SunQuest 2000S. Both come with a free cooling fan and sell for as little as $25/month. At a cost that's less than a tanning salon membership, it seems not only a convenient option, but an economically smart one.

One size fits all!

Canopy units are fully adjustable.

At first glance, one might not assume "fit" will be an issue, but if you are full figured
or very tall, you may have noticed that sometimes tanning beds feel a little enclosed and uncomfortable.

These canopy units are completely adjustable and can accommodate any size, type and
length of body. The tanning beds we are traditionally accustomed to are constructed in six or seven
foot lengths and have plastic or glass areas that are specially
contoured to suit the body. It works out great for many, but there are those who cannot find it a comfortable fit.

Users of canopy tanning units don’t need to
“fit” into any shape. Canopy units can be used by individuals
of any size or form.

Are you a selective tanner?

We all love to have options.

Canopy tanning units give us the choice to have selective tanning.

Do you need to even out your tan? Do you have some areas that seem to be a deeper shade of bronze than others? Just lie on one side and let the tanning lamps do the magic.

Unlike tanning booths that provide tans in a 360 degree area, canopy tanning units allow you to tan only a specific side of your body. In the chance that you recently fell asleep in the sun and have a tan down your one side, this can be a lifesaver!

Go mobile!

If you are a student away at school or travel a lot for personal or business reasons, mobility is not simply a preference. It is a way of life.

Canopy tanning units were created with this concern in mind. Whether you want to move the canopy from room to room in your own home, take it on vacation with you, or throw it in the back of your car and have it go on all your weekend excursions, it's ready for the mission.

The design is very compact and adjustable, so it won't be a headache to carry around, either. Much like your traveling notebook computer, your glow can now go wherever you go.

Know the facts

Canopy tanning beds are a great option for many reasons. Of course, there are some issues you must consider before making a purchase.

One consideration is that when using it, you will have to turn over mid-tan in order to hit a different spot on the body. This is actually due to its very compact, adjustable nature.

However, do not see this as a disadvantage. It actually gives you more options, and lets you choose to concentrate or avoid certain areas if you wish.

Feel the air!

Not too fond of closed spaces?

If you are sensitive to heat or are claustrophobic, you may find you prefer the open design of the canopy tanning unit.

The design of these open-style canopy tanning beds are perfect for people who cannot handle the traditional tanning bed. This is also great for those whose health cannot handle excessive amounts of heat - ie: older or pregnant women.

Go On Tilt!

Tilts aren't only for the portraits in your grandma's living room.

Most canopy tanning beds you will discover can tilt to any angle you desire. When you tilt the bed, you can choose the best angle for the tan you need. This is due to personal preference and needs, and is another reason that the canopy bed is so wonderfully customizable.

This option also allows the user to set a less direct tanning
method, which is leaves you in full control over how tan you want to be.

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