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Having been burned by internet orders before, I was a bit reluctant to order from Master Tanning Inc. It turns out that my fears were completely unfounded. Our tanning canopy arrived 3 days after we placed the order (1 day earlier than promised). The unit was completely intact, well packaged, and undamaged. I truly appreciate the level of high quality customer service, that I have seen to date from Master Tanning Inc. We will certainly continue to purchase products from Master Tanning Inc, and will recommend your store to all of our friends!

Chris , Florida

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High Intensity Tanning

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What Is High Intensity Tanning?

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High intensity tanning beds allow you to tan faster and darker, which is said to reduce the possibility of a sunburn. Often referred to has high pressure tanning, many salons allow their intermediate or advanced tanners to "graduate" to this higher pressure after having first started out on the low-pressure beds.

High intensity beds work just as their low intensity counterparts -- by using UV lights to stimulate the melanin in our skin, causing a tanning reaction. They are not only just as safe as low-pressure, but because they take less time, they actually result in less exposure and are better for your skin, all while often delivering greater results.

Tanning Your Face in a High-Intensity Environment

We know that high-intensity tanning beds can give our body a deeper, darker tan, but many of us want that look on our faces as well.

Face tanners are an available option, but not by default are they included in a tanning session.

One great option is the Del Sol Face Tanner, available at MasterTanning.com. This is a high-intensity face tanner that directs 800-watts of UV power at the face for a deep, even tan. It auto-shuts off after your appointed session time, and even comes with protective eye wear, making it a great option for those of us who are concerned with maintaining safety at all times and still want the best tan possible.

Advantages of High-Intensity Tanning

One of the best things about high-intensity tanning beds is that they use lights designed to filter out most UVB light, letting in just enough to get the tanning job done. The result is a greater ratio of UVA light, a better tan and decreased risk of negative skin reactions.

By contrast, low pressure beds use more UVB rays, which makes them more dangerous in the long run. The most important part of a tan is that you look like you have sexy skin ... this method makes that a reality.

Time Is of the Essence

One of the reasons people love high intensity tanning is the element of time.

While a low-pressure tanning bed requires up to 15 sessions to create a base tan, and then 2 sessions a week to maintain it, high-pressure tanning can get you that base tan in around five sessions. Then you need to visit to maintain it about every other week. That's roughly a quarter of the time -- a huge savings of time and money.

The reason behind this is that there is less UVB light used, which allows your skin to stay moisturized and your tan to last longer.

A Little High, A Little Low

When people hear all the benefits of high pressure tanning -- faster, deeper tan, less maintenance required -- they may wonder why anyone at all does low-pressure anymore.

The truth is, both have their place in a healthy tanning regime. High pressure beds use UV wavelengths of greater than 315 mn -- there is little or no Vitamin D by wavelengths at this level. Since this is an extremely important vitamin, it's a good idea to switch off between low and high pressure tanning.

This method allows the best of both worlds -- you get your dark, deep tan, and yet achieve the benefits of each lamp type.

Where Did High-Intensity Tanning Originate?

Legend has it that the first high-intensity tanner was developed for the Playboy organization in the mid-seventies. Since those ladies are known for their beautiful skin and physique, this was a powerful start to what would eventually take the universe by storm.

The first systems were very expensive, as the indoor tanning industry was not yet the trend it was to become. But by the mid-80s, they began being sold in U.S. markets, and there are now so many versions available with so many options and designs that they have grown more affordable (and profitable) for business and residential customers worldwide.

Better By Design

High intensity tanning beds take advantage of a 360-degree shape. This is radical and unlike conventional beds, and using this scientifically configured angle, the lamps will be able to give your body an unparalleled even fully body tan.

This holds true with canopy or stand-up style high pressure beds, and is another reason this type of tanning is seen as attractive to many tanners and businesses.

High Pressure Tanning is Better for Your Skin

The reasons that high pressure tanning is better for tanning are the same as the reasons it's better for your skin.

Low intensity tanning uses more UVB rays, and that helps to create a skin reaction that causes a tan. There is shedding when the skin dries out and this causes the loss of a tan. This is why low pressure tanning requires more frequent visits, but it is also why traditional tanning bed users are more likely to end up with reactive, dry, flaky skin.

High pressure beds do not create this problem, and thus they create a best of both worlds reality -- deep, long lasting tans, and still-beautiful skin beneath.

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