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Wolff Tanning Beds

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Wolff home tanning beds

Huge selection of Wolff Tanning Beds, best prices guaranteed. 

If you are looking for the best options in home tanning, you should invest in a Wolff tanning bed. For instance, the Sunquest Pro 16RS, available through MasterTanning.com, is all the dynamic features and convenience you hope for at the salon, but right in your living room (or basement, or wherever you want it to be).

The Sunquest Pro 16RS features dark tanning lamps that are angled to maximize the reflecting UVrays, leading to a deep, rich tan. For under 2,000, and finance options of just over $60 a month, this is a bargain, and its home-friendly options like being lightweight and operating on a standard electrical circuit, make it ever more user friendly.

Other home-tanning beds that are great options include the Sunquest Pro 24RS, which comes with a free cooling fan and 24 tanning lamps - great for an even, all-over tan.

Wolff commercial tanning beds

The tanning beds you choose for your commercial tanning salon will greatly reflect on your integrity as a business. At the forefront of the industry, Wolff Tanning Beds are the way to go, and models like the SunQuest 26RS, available at MasterTanning.com, is a great way to start.

The Sunquest Pro 26RS is made with advanced Bio-Tech, which is the surround-sound of tanning. It has a tunnel design with 26 100-watt lamps, including some staggered over the facial area. This all helps for a super-efficient all-over, even tan.

The history of Wolff

The history of Wolff Tanning Beds is paramount to the history of tanning beds in itself. Tanning beds came to be in the mid-1970s when a German scientest named Frederich Wolff when he decided to use artificially produced indoor UV light in his research.

The result? Healthy-looking tans! Wolff then used these results to create the world's first tanning beds, and the tanning industry was thus born.

Over the past thirty years, these beds have been refined and advanced to be safer, more productive, and easier to use - but the original discovery of Frederich Wolff stands as a foundation of it all, and Wolff Tanning Beds have become the symbol, and heart, of the tanning industry.

The evolution of home tanning, through Wolff

Wolff tanning beds were originally created for use in tanning salons, and were known to be the top brand names in the industry. Then a revoution began to occur - people loved the effect of commercial tanning beds, but wanted to be able to replicate that look right at home. Of course, convenience wasn't desired at the cost of quality, and the goal was to achieve the best of both.

With innovations like the Wolff SunQuest 24RSP, available at MasterTanning.com, people can have a home tanning bed with 24 lamps - meaning great opportunity for even, deep, tanning, at a wallet-friendly cost of about $84 a month. These beds often come with free cooling fans, and myriad financing options. Wolff's home tanning beds are now just as popular as their commercial varieties!

Wolff tanning lamps are the best choice for your tanning bed

While you know you need a bed, and want a good one, it's important to remember that a bed is only as good as its lamp. When you are ready to buy extra or replacement lamps or bulbs for your Wolff Tanning Bed, you should make sure to buy the compatable Wolff bed bulbs.

Wolff has tanning replacement lamps that run the gamut of your needs, from bronzing lamps, to dark tan, to velocity, to even face tanners. If you are confused as to what model you need, you can confer with your original bed purchase invoice, or ask your vendor's sales help. A reputable company, such as MasterTanning.com, would be happy to assist you in getting the correct Wolff bulb or lamp for your needs.

Using a high-quality and appropriate lamp is essential for the life of your bed - and the safety of whom is tanning within it.

Wolff Tanning Canopies

Wolff Tanning Beds have adjusted not only with technology, but with changing societal needs. As people become more migrant and often have less space, canopy-style beds are becaming increasingly more popular.

Wolff Tanning's tanning canopies, such as their Sunquest line, provide a great range of movement, and are perfect for the tanner that has no space to tan in. They also can collapse and fold up when not being used. Even better, the Wolff tanning canopy design uses a patented hydro-lift gas-shock hinge. This allows you to change and adjust the height for each and every user.

Some awesome Wolff Tanning canopies available at MasterTanning.com include SunQuest 1000S canopy or the Wolff SunQuest 2000S, which offer six and ten super-efficient lamps respectively - and are both value-priced for the cost-conscious shopper.

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