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Location, location, location

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If you have made the decision to open a tanning salon, the first choice you will have to make is selecting a location.

Choosing a location involves research into the demographics of the area, as well as most popularly visited and shopped areas. Research businesses in the area, some will draw traffic to your salon, others may draw traffic away from it. Are you near public transporation, if so, you are in an urban area? Being near a campus or shopping center can mean built-in interest for your budding business.

All these factors will help you choose the spot that is ideal for your new salon's home. The right location can mean better business, clientele, and tanning salon franchise success.

Know your competitors

Part of starting a business is knowing what else is out there. When you open your tanning salon, take some time to visit the competition.

This can be as brief as taking a walk through, or as involved as purchasing a few tanning sessions in order to see the equipment others are using, their prices, customer service, and if their customers seem happy. This research can also be well-achieved by browsing the internet sites of local spots, as well as regional customer review web sites.

Little details like knowing the procedures of competing salons, and how customers relate to them, can make the difference in how well you establish your own.

Factors to consider when choosing a salon to join

Are you in the shopping season for your next (or first) tanning salon? These can run the gamut to casual no-frills to fancy spas, so the one you choose can be largely to do with your personal preferences. (And should be!)

No matter where you choose, a few issues always are to be considered:

a - Cleanliness. Your health can be at risk if the tanning salon doesn't seem to be sanitized correctly. Ask how the equipment is cared for, and don't be shy about asking for a site tour before you sign up for a single session.

b - Options. Do they have a variety of tanning options? More importantly, do they have the type of tanning bed or unit you wish to be using?

c - Comfort. Are you well-treated when you walk in? Do you feel comfortable? These are factors that will effect the success of your visit(s) with the tanning salon.

Consider the costs

Even if we wish it didn't, price will go a long way in our tanning salon decisions.

Once you find the right salon, you will likely be visiting fairly often. Be sure to inquire about memberships and package deals. Very often salons are eager to solict repeat customers, and will reward you for your loyalty. Also, see if they have payment plans, accept credit cards, or have any sort of financing options for long-term plans.

Remember, tanning is a luxury, don't be ashamed to say you can't afford a specific plan. Most reputable salons will be happy to work with you until you find the one that works for you - and for your wallet.

Test-Drive a location

If you were choosing a gym, you would make sure the commute was one that would work with your daily work or school schedule.

The same is true with choosing your tanning salon. It's important you choose a tanning salon that has a location that works within your life and schedule - because with all the options out there, there will certainly be one that does.

This is largely due to personal needs and preference - what is best for you would likely not be best for someone else. Do you want the salon to be near your house or near your work? How far are you willing to drive for a good tan? Be realistic, the best salon with the hottest equipment may sound attractive, but if it is an hour's drive away...how soon will the novelty wear off?

Test drive the location, and the commute, and you'll better know if you will soon be coming back for more.

Hours of operation

Whether you are opening a salon yourself, or a client looking for a tanning salon to frequent, days and hours of operation is a major consideration.

Many tanning salons are only open seasonally - this is fine if you are a consumer looking to only have a tan certain times of year, but if that is not your desire, it is not the salon for you. Also, enquire about if the salon is a walk-in, or operates via appointments only - if you are yourself opening a salon, make your decision based on whether you would want to be one or the other. Both have their obvious benefits!

Also, the traditional daily and weekly hours matter. If they are open only hours that you are at work or school, how can you plan to attend?

Many salons have policies regarding appointments, and cancellation policies, be sure to ask about that as well. Having to cancel an appointment may be depressing, but not as depressing as cancelling, and then having to pay for the appointment anyway.

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